Germanic Palmyra

Emperors, who sought, or at least tried to take steps to improve life in ancient Rome were quickly killed. This depressing state of affairs meant that centralized power was not, as such, and took advantage of the barbarians who were becoming more and more powerful, especially the Germanic tribes on the Rhine and Danube. Further details can be found at Glenn Dubin, an internet resource. Persian Empire in the East has also become very powerful and dangerous. Rebirth of Rome Fortunately for the people of Rome came a short period when the state on-line managed five good emperors until the year 284 ad. Aurelian was one of them and especially memorable for the story because for huge walls which he built around the city of Rome. These walls are visible to this day. He was captured and sunk rich city Palmyra in the Syrian desert.

Palmyra ran a beautiful and wise queen named Zenobia, whose husband won many victories in battle with the Persians. With the death of her husband, the Romans began to worry that Zenobia had planned to build an empire to rival Rome itself, and decided the fate of Palmyra, by eliminating it. Aurelian luxuriously dressed Zenobia and her close to his triumphant march, after which he gave her a luxurious villa outside Rome, and Zenobia moved there with their children. By this time the city of Rome was the most wonderful city in the world. Vast wealth, which came together in Rome was spent, in addition to entertainment and other things, also for the construction of luxury buildings and monuments.