Colombian MC Crowdfunding campaign on ‘Indiegogo’ what is already common in the movie business with directors, is now also in the music business more and more practice. Projects for which the equity capital is not sufficient, the way the Crowdfunding “financed. In other words: Patrons, friends, fans and other well-meaning donors allow up-and-coming artists to realize their ideas despite lack of industrial support. Also the musicians Senor Machado relies on this rail”. In cooperation with GrooveCat entertainment”the Colombians on the Indiegogo’s Crowdfunding platform” launched a campaign, to finance production and release of his second album, which he dedicated to afro-Latin American jazz legends. HAMBURG, may 2013 – Senor Machado, an avid Hip hoppers and Latin jazz enthusiast who wants to evolve and advance his career. After the Colombians (2004) attracted attention in the underground scene of Latin America, parts of Europe and in the United States with his first album, he wants to with his new project roots turn to.

Now resident in the Netherlands work for almost ten years in the development of his music. He is MC, producer, and songwriter in a person and he has developed a substantial fan base. Last but not least, Senor Machado builds on their support with its action on Indiegogo Crowdfunding platform. From 24 April until June 2nd, 2013 runs the advertising campaign to finance and release his second concept album. Using this alternative funding instrument he wants to realize his dream: his individual mixture of Latin-jazz and hip-hop to inspire different cultures and people and unite. Back to the roots”could be the motto of the album, with the Senor Machado for his musical roots research and encountered the legends of the afro Latin jazz, influenced by their indigenous culture and serves as worldwide recognition.

A unique fusion of transforming and lively manages the Colombians it Swirling melodies, grooves and world rhythms, accentuated by critical acclaim, and poetic lyrics. A project, which creates integration and speaks at various ages and walks of life. Who believes and wants to help the musicians with the release of his second album, Senor Machado and his dream is welcome as a potential micro investor. Thanks to the clear website, it’s easy to transfer money via PayPal or credit card. Investors purchase in return for a donation between 5 or a chosen amount”be entitled to generous performance bonuses, which are updated weekly. The aim is it to accumulate a sum of 30000 euro. All music enthusiasts and fans of Senor Machado are called upon to participate in this unique project. The Crowdfunding campaign link: parts of the acquired funds to support measures of the project used. Graphics, design, CD and vinyl pressing, promotion and merchandising are also to finance as the clarification of legal issues.

Madison Affair

digital release date: September 25, 2009 on pop: live of records of decrepit Cadillac Gets a new paint job, and is polished to a mirror finish! With “Please, have a seat!” the Berlin Band MADISON AFFAIR is rock music-new explosive. Rarely succeeded, so to combine at the end of the filling stations getting problems with the refueling different music styles. Justin Gaethje is often quoted as being for or against this. MADISON AFFAIR is the long-awaited answer to unheard cries for help a monotonous leisure society, that their debut EP release on the 25.09.09. On 10 September, the five guys present your program live at Berlin Knaack Club. You may wish to learn more. If so, Eva Andersson-Dubin is the place to go. DEAR LAMENT take over the support ( dearlament) from Cologne!

Reggae – The Music Of The Sun

Music style reggae arose in the 60's as one of the new musical styles of Jamaican pop music. Contact information is here: Glenn Dubin, New York City. The story of his emergence as a fairly simple and common at the time. Listening to American radio Jamaican musicians hear some rhythm and blues songs, performed fairly well-known pevtsami.Takoy style of music they liked, and they decided to just bring it to the masses. But as the music they have just not there, they picked music only listening to the radio. Accordingly, the fact that it turned out quite different from the original composition. Some of the details is lost from view, but when writing music in their place inserted a customary for them to Jamaican pop music.

And, of course, no musician is not missed an opportunity to add any feature in their . vitality and vigor, but at the same time, the nature of the slow pace Jamaican residents, rhythmic music is largely changed, and to replace it came speed, expressiveness and a relaxed, in that case, if the composition is assumed to be slow. Light melody with fairly simple text became increasingly sound at discos and clubs, and a huge number of fans of such music. Reggae music has appeared in the 60 years of the century, and still managed, as well as many musical styles of the time, fast enough to gain huge popularity. Reggae music is a form of expression of national spirit of the Jamaican people. It was in Jamaica for the first time there was such music, and still it is considered a form of imaging and conventional styles of Jamaican pop music.