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For the third time, the Lake country Art presents its art events: Lake country art invites the two holiday months July/August to visit the region between Schwerin and Schwaan, Neukloster versus Mestlin 27 exhibitions with special ambience for the third time. Leisure and locals can enjoy not only the hilly, covered by lakes terminal moraine landscape on either side of the Warnow river, but experience at the same time art in a unique setting. 27 galleries, workshops, manor houses, churches, cultural barns and other original facilities open their rooms. Regionally based artists alongside those from other provinces are next to the modern, thematic exhibitions from Mecklenburg arts and contemporary history. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony Mandarich. Details on the program are available on. The central opening to anyone interested is invited, will take place on 3 July from 14: 00 in the parish barn Zernin at Baumgarten. There are color abstractions by Gerd NIPP from the be seen Wendland; It also provides the dancer and painter Ana Sojor some of their Flamenco impressions which are then shown to the 16th Biennale in the Flamenco Museum of Seville a quasi accolade for the artist. Peter Brambock, spokesman for Lake country art, Wismar.