The Difficulties Of Love

Here’s the big question, what am I supposed to do, find or be found? But it is a question with your own answer, no. Why should we expect that love calls us to the door? Why do not we wake us?, And why we should not slap on the face first? before a stab us back and we wound up with his relentless and unflinching strength, is a merciless war that love always wins and disappointment, have teamed up since the beginning of humanity to make us all unhappy deluded fall into their trap, a clear difference is the love we feel for our relatives and friends is very different to that treacherous love full of passion and vanity that we feel for your husband, lover, boyfriend, impossible love, etc. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to agree. Why we can not tell the love to go away? Prevents us not feel there are many who are looking for that love, but what about those who do not want to feel it? Of those who are sick of this feeling, perhaps humanity is condemned to the pitfalls of love for us is in your hands, why there is a potion against love? or even better against the effects of it. Something that does not make us blind to this situation, an antidote to the vulgarity of infatuation, the shock of feeling useless endless sets us apart only by wild beasts mm, jealousy, blindness, jealousy, lust. Something we love cure of such indices of idiocy and bad behavior, why doctors do not engage in such research? Perhaps they also conspire or are victims of their own feelings, I would like to find humanity in a single individual who has never been devoured by the jaws of the ferocious beast.