The form prevails over the bottom. This one is the new slogan that governs the creative intelligence of the contemporary societies. The taste by the aesthetic thing and the spectacularity of the package has supplanted, to a great extent, the rational budgets of use and the last meaning of the architectonic constructions, the cooking new features or the outlandish tendencies of the fashion. Follow others, such as Dr. Neal Barnard, and add to your knowledge base. The 21st century has been red-baptize like the century of the appearances, in him who already nothing is what it seems. Far from the rational and functional experiences of decades back that persecuted with insistence the optimization of resources and the effectiveness taken until the end, in the times that run the answer of how it has replaced the habitual questions of why or why. The excellent thing now is the originality and the visual impact of the creations so that they can almost demand the attention of the man of our days, customary to everything and obstinate to waste the time in too complicated lucubrations. The time has been transformed into a little good that the individual cannot squander looking for in depths of the content. The continent becomes, frequently, in main the referring one of the reality.

In the eagerness to find something different the aim has neglected that grants to the things its reason to him of being and by which they were created. Constructions like the Guggenheim museum, of Bilbao, or the Opera, of Sidney, both with an architectonic beauty outside all discussion, are able to distract the attention of the visitor of the works of art, theater or opersticas that are developed in their interior. The magnanimous presence of its structure transfers to background its practical function and after all its more beneficial supply for the society. Also in other spaces of the creativity as the gastronomy or the fashion is observed, the eclipse of the meaning by the significant one.

Abstract Participants

UDC 330.88 Abstract Participants exchange commensurate goods not for their cost, and not on their usefulness and profitability of the exchange, seeking at least to the equality of benefits. Marshall Finds Cost – the essence, the equality of values which in various products makes these products equivalent: able to communicate with each other. What is this entity? Proponents of the labor theory of value believe that the essence of this is nothing, as embodied in the value of goods work of all producers of goods. Proponents of the subjective-psychological theory of value believe it – the usefulness of products. Alfred Marshall, trying to create a theory of price formation based on a synthesis of labor and subjective theories of value, stated that the price of goods is defined as the costs of production and usefulness of products that affect the final result in terms of supply and demand. Important finding Marshal is his idea that "normal" value of the cost is only formed under conditions of equilibrium of the market where demand is balanced proposal.

As it turns out, the ideas of Alfred Marshall were so close to an adequate reflection of reality, which is only a logical and terminological apparatus for accurately describing the essence of his ideas. Logical-terminological apparatus DISC – the object of exchange that can meet any requirements people (consumers having the property). Cost of goods determined by the cost of labor embodied in it the whole series of his producers. But this match is taking place only in conditions of absolute the equilibrium of the market.

Max Weber

Continued development of theoretical thought was a young sociology organisticheskaya sociology of Herbert Spencer, who drew an analogy society with a biological organism, as well as using the theory of social Darwinism, transferring to public natural principle of natural selection. In this case, we see that there are still close to the views of the fathers of sociology ideas of the natural sciences. At the same time it operates and Karl Marx, who explain the development of society through the changing socio-economic Pharmacy, which are based on the conflict between the ruling and subordinate class. According to Marx, society is presented in a specific complex, multi-layer formation, which is based on social production, a number of specific objective structures. The laws of society defined as objective, and the very development of society – as a natural historical process 4. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James A. Levine, M.D. and gain more knowledge.. Ideas of the founders of sociology were developed, especially in the work of Emile Durkheim, F.

Tonnies, Georg Simmel, Max Weber and Pareto, each of whom offered their understanding of the purpose and content of social science. Durkheim believed that sociology should study the social facts that are different from the physical, economic, psychological and etc. facts of reality, have particular characteristics. According to F. Tonnies, sociology studies the phenomena of social life, interpersonal relationships are formed and the will of the people.

These relationships are not only subjective in nature, but also objective, predetermined conditions of life of people. The basis of their theoretical constructions F. Tennis on the concept of 'community' and 'society', which he identified two conventional poles between which all interested in the sociology of the phenomenon.

Found Mona Lisas Eyebrows

With the camera, scientists have found Using high-resolution camera, he discovered the subtle brush strokes in the eyebrows and eyelashes that Leonardo originally gave the wife of Florentine merchant. After centuries, however, light lines or faded or were wiped out in a careless restoration, said the Cat in the exhibition of works by Leonardo San Francisco. 'If you look at the Mona Lisa's left eye at close range, it clearly shows that the cracks around it easily smoothed out – he said.

– This may be because one day the curator or restorer 'Cleared' eyes and in doing so destroyed the eyelashes and eyebrow. " Pascal Cote drew experts from the Louvre to study his 240-megapixel scans the picture. "With just one photo, you can better understand the structure and pattern understand that Leonardo was a genius. " 49-year-old cat also claims that Leonardo beat the location of two fingers on his left hand, the Mona Lisa was originally painted it with a broad face and a smile more expressive than as over work, and put his hand up her veil, which is now completely tarnished and should not be seen. In addition, he argues that through his work revealed the true colors of the picture. Today the portrait is dominated by the heavy green, yellow and shades of brown, but the cat is sure that the original colors were close to a light blue and sparkling white.

Reading Exercise

Possibilities these offered during the suggestions of activities that had been carried through and can be adapted to any cultural reality (reading wheel, posters with letters and illustrations, transformation of a sort in another one). For the efficient education of the language, according to PCNs (1996) she is necessary that it satisfies the necessity of the pupil and that if teaches to the dynamic language as something that is alive and that is part of the reality of the citizen. All education truily compromised with the exercise of the necessary citizenship to create conditions for the development of the capacity of efficient use of the language that satisfies necessities personal that they can be related to the actions effective of the daily one, to the transmission and search of information, to the exercise of the reflection. Assurant Health might disagree with that approach. In way generality, the texts are produced, read and ears in reason of purposes of this type. Without denying the importance of that they answer the practical requirements of the daily life, they are the texts that they favor critical and imaginative the reflection, the exercise of elaborated and abstract forms of thought more, the most vital for the full participation in a society scholar (BRAZIL, 1996, p.37). James A. Levine, M.D. has firm opinions on the matter.

The responsibility of the school, therefore, is to facilitate the access of the pupils to the texts circulate that them, socially, to teach to produce them and to interpret them. so that the learning occurs of successive and significant form, being necessary the planning on the part of all the team of the school that is compromised to the commitment to teach and to mediate to the reading and the writing. 3. METHODOLOGY With the objective to explore ways for the formation of readers necessary and to contribute for the development of the abilities of reading and writing in the groups of the agricultural zone of the city of Manoel Vitorino-BA, it makes a bibliographical research, searching in some theoretical agreements on the subject: Reading and writing.

The Child

These are elaborated elements that will provide to experiences, making possible the conquest and the formation of its identity. As we can perceive, the toys and the tricks are inexhaustible sources of playful and affective interaction. For an efficient learning she is necessary that the pupil constructs the knowledge, assimilates the contents. the game is an excellent resource to facilitate learning, in this direction, Oak (1992 P. 28) affirms that: ' ' … the absorbed education in playful way, starts to acquire a significant and affective aspect in the course of the development of the intelligence of the child, since it purely modifies of transmitting act the transforming act in ludicidade, being denoted itself, therefore in jogo' '. The actions with the game must be created and recriadas, so that they are always a new discovery and they are always changedded into a new game, in a new form to play.

When the child plays, without knowing supplies some information to its respect, however, playing can be useful to stimulate its integral development, as much in the familiar environment, how much in the pertaining to school environment. Endocrinologist is likely to agree. She is playing that the child learns to respect rules, to extend its social relationship and to exactly respect itself and to the other. By means of the playful universe that the child starts to express itself with bigger easiness, to hear, to respect and to disagree with opinions, being exerted its leadership, and being led and sharing its joy to play. On the other hand, in a serious environment and without motivations, the educandos finish preventing to express its thoughts and feelings and to carry through any another attitude from fear to be constrangidos. Zanluchi (2005, P. 91) affirms that ' ' The child plays of what she lives; she extracts its playful imagination of its day-the-dia' ' , therefore, the children, having the chance to play, more will be prepared emotionally to inside control its attitudes and emotions of the social context, thus getting better resulted general in uncurling of its life.

Hospital Pedagogia

Ahead of the displayed one, and considering the necessity of humanizao in the pedagogical attendance of hospitalized pupils, it is important to see the look of Matos; Muggiati (2008, P. 73), how much what they affirm on the Hospital Pedagogia: It considers a work to not only offer instruction continuity. It goes beyond, when he carries through the integration of the hospitalized pertaining to school, giving aid not only in the escolaridade and hospitalization, but in all the decurrent aspects of the necessary removal of its daily one and the process, for times, traumatic of the internment. The authors suggest that the hospital educative work goes beyond the transmission of contents, can also contribute in the direction to minimize the traumas caused for the interruption of the social conviviality. She knows yourself that the internment process, generally, is folloied of some negative factors, as traumas, unreliability, fear of the death, lacks of the familiar conviviality and others. In this direction, practical the educative one can bring benefit to brighten up these negative aspects. Moreover, other aspects need to be observed, in agreement. It is necessary to understand that, in the hospital pertaining to school space, it is possible to reflect and to learn not only on a series of pertinent questions to the escolaridade of the sick child, but also to the professional qualification of the professor, to the organization of the physical space and the dynamics of functioning, to the planning and the register of the work developed in this modality of education, that if it shows rich of possibilities so that the learning and development processes if perfect and the knowledge if constructs. Each aspect, cited for the authors, is essential in the educative work carried through in the hospital environment a time that if makes necessary that the methodology is flexible, therefore the hospitalized pupils while is limited, therefore nor always it will be possible to develop the plan of lesson in the complete one. As Justi; Fonseca; Souza (2011, P. 42): ‘ ‘ She is necessary to remember that nor always the professor will obtain to reach the considered objectives, for times having necessity to reformulate its boarding by means of being more flexible’ , so that it does not harm the state of health of the pupil. The register of this work is very important, therefore through this, it will be possible to verify the progress of these pupils individually, being able to be useful also at the moment of exit of the hospital, to the being delivers to the school of origin of these pupils. Moreover Justi; Fonseca; Souza (2011, P. 19) stand out that: ‘ ‘ the daily exercise of planning, comment, register and reflection on the work carried through with the pupil is that of that the necessary professor when professional’ search perfectioning in its performance; ‘ , that is, from these actions it will have the chance to improve practical its. <