Myths And Legends Cesar

Legend Vallenata in the legend of the Virgin of the Rosario, Vallenato legend or feast of the miracle, combine historical, sociological, fantastic and religious elements that distinguish it as one of the oldest in Valledupar traditions and the region. Written sources recorded the historical events that inspired the legend, such as the document record and part of the hoist of the Tupes against the city of Valle de Upar, in which Sancho de Camargo, clerk of the Interior in the province of Santa Marta, in 1582, confirms statements by the Governor Lope de Orozco in connection with the assault of the Tupes and Itotos Indians to that populationcausing numerous deaths and the burning of the Church and the Blessed Sacrament. Subsequently the chronicler Juan de Castellanos, in his Elegies on Invasion of the Tupes to the city of Valle de Upar, in 1586, and the Ensign Jose Nicolas de la Rosa in his book Floresta in the Holy Church Cathedral of the city and province of Santa Marta, make reference to manifestations of rebellion of the tribes of the region. According to the legend, beautiful india Francisca married Indian Gregory, both of the tribe Tupe and servers of the Portuguese Antonio de Pereira, was assaulted by his wife. Read more here: James A. Levine, M.D.. Ana de la Pena hit Francisca by legs and I cut the hair in the presence of all servitude. Given the gravity of the offense, a Tupe indiecito of name Antonuelo escapes and takes complaints to the Cacique Coroponiaimo, who organizes his revenge by attacking the population, supported by the caciques Coroniaimo and Uniaimo. Itotos, cariachiles, you tupes and chimilas to attack on the evening of April 27, taking by surprise the inhabitants of the Christian population on the shores of the Guatapuri River, come to killing their inhabitants and set fire to the houses and the Temple of Santo Domingo. .

Nereida River

AUTOSABOTEO and like stopping it " The humans we are very contradictory beings. We strived to reach a goal – a good work, a relation of stable pair, to clear kilos of above, stopping to us drinking or smoking – and we have obtained when it, or are on the verge of obtaining it, we commit a stupidity that throws all our persistence by the hut. Resemblance to come, that is to say, when we set out to do something soon and we fixed us so that does not happen, it we can denominate " autosabotaje". Nereida River basin It is spoken of which we are sabotaging ourselves when we have an internal necessity hides whose force and reason are greater to the conscious objective to improve that we have seted out. This drives the individual to act against its own interests to satisfy that hidden necessity, we are or nonconscious of this behavior sabotaging car. The form to overcome this problem is to recognize it, to accept that necessity, to remove it to light, and to try to work with her of such way of that it does not continue damaging to us.

When satisfying it, the problem it stops existing. Three steps exist to follow to stop the sabotaging behavior: 1. – Taking of brings back to consciousness and recognition of the underlying necessity on the part of the person. You must identify in which moment arises the sabotaging behavior and to recognize what is the hidden necessity that these trying to satisfy with this behavior, to come to satisfy it CONSCIOUSLY. For example you have been decided to lower of weight but you do not stop eating, you must investigate internamente to discover what is the underlying necessity that she is but powerful that your objective to become thin, to discover it and to remove it to the light to work conscientiously with her.