New entrants have most difficulty when starting a restaurant or all beginnings are difficult, especially in a business such as restaurants bistros. You want to open a restaurant, a bistro and a restaurant at the present time, usually the startup options are missing. While you should be is clear that no start in question may be no coherent concept and detailed market analysis. Of course there are some who say that they have made it different now, but this is probably only a very small minority. At the beginning, you should very carefully look at the environment and investigate whether the concept, which they will be implemented, there really has a need or new awakens. There are similar concepts like yours already in the vicinity, the fight is already pre-programmed. Colleagues who are more established, then have the better reputation and can actively work on your business (through propaganda and the like). Looking for a gap in the market so and try an approach to optimize for it.

Create a business plan, the current Stand which reflects financial and for the next three years overlooks possible revenues and possibly even profits potential investors. Only with such a business plan you will get first hearing financing through the Bank or a third-party investor. Far-sighted plan and not just thinking about tomorrow. Leave enough capital for unpredictable things, because not everything goes according to plan, especially in the start-up phase. Also with your friends and acquaintances, discuss your project or Their concept. Can talk to third parties, especially when it comes to the location of your restaurants or bistros.

Would go your friends there for dinner, if you were not the owner. Also the atmosphere like your relationship, so as you want to imagine this and implement? Admit also criticism. Were not convinced by what you do, but also listen to others. Be not too stubborn and believe you would not, you alone have the idea! If you Note these tips, will not make in any case a hard landing, but can tackle your business peace of mind, we wish you much success. Unanswered questions you are welcome to this our experts in our forum, we help. Jorn Poppenhager