Mother Left One

I am simply making what I do not know. Crying. I know that in this hour I do not know to console, but sending mine aconchego, my affection, I hug and ternuras a thousand. I also know that vocs they are without soil, ceiling and air pra to breathe. Homesicknesses and more homesicknesses.

It aches; I know that he aches. Papa left in them going pra the sky has 06 years and seems that he was yesterday. God knows the great quo is our faith, also knows that for greater that is the obstacles we will obtain to transpose with an incredible agility, ours mezinha fulfilled the mission of it here in the land, left fruits and also seeds to be sown, one day we also will finish our day this way, now it was the moment of it, and we know, we have the full certainty that of where it is now at this moment it can intercede for all the dear beings that left here, is clearly, is evident that tears had appeared and go to appear, mainly when the moments that had lived together to come tona, leaves rolling and later let us make one prece of gratefulness for everything of good that it was in us of our beloved and candy mezinha.