Sneakers Lacoste

In recent times, the Lacoste brand has done many special collaborations within what are its collections, mainly with various firms of the time dedicated to the sneakery sporty or casual footwear fashion. Thus, December 12 Lacoste has launched 12 models – hence the name of the collection 12.12 – so you can choose your favorite. This is without a doubt one of the creations that seeks to introduce new brands and venture into new paths in the world of footwear. As we already said, Lacoste 12 Legends consists of 12 models, each of which is created and designed by an artist or a different signature, which shows a vision and a special touch: iD Magazine, Shoes Master, Sneaker Freaker, Jazzie B, Sebastien Tellier, Stones Throw Records, Bodega, Colette, D-mop, Ato Matsumoto, Christophe Lemaire and Tim Hamilton Redux. If still not you’ve noticed, all of these names refer to major representatives of the music and Structuration. At the same time some are trademarks of mythical shops specialized in footwear.

In this way, music area highlights the collaborations of: Jazzy B, Sebastien Tellier and Stones Throw; in the world of design works of Christophe Lemaire and Tim Hamilton; and to commercialize the exclusive models made agreements with store Colette, Winery and D-Mop. There is a great diversity of materials, printed colours and shapes since they have been used, for example, synthetic materials, canvas, and artificial fur, and regarding format of shoe, the high boots, smooth sneakers, slips and some other hybrid between moccasin and speaker. Of course, that each of the models has a particular vision and a different style which makes them unmistakable. Original author and source of the article