We judge and we correct the others, we only forget we ourselves. We only teach to the others that we forget teaching in them what we learn. In the school of the life, we are professors and pupils, scholars and ignorants ………. We forget! It is having as model what each adult makes or thinks, that each child will value or not it force of the love in the construction of the world where she lives. Soon, if to want to form different children, we will have that beyond developing a relation friend with our children, to include our overcoming as human being individual and social. In the vision of the autogerenciamento, it is not watching or punishing the young that we will go to radicalize this type of behavior and attitudes and yes in reeducando to be able to educate them with responsibility. ‘ ‘ The ones act with arrogance that teach to the others the ones that proper they desconhecem.’ ‘ At last! Each adult, in the current society, loads obtains its proper bullying. What to make with it? You can disagree with the other but she cannot deny the rights of it. To become equal in the difference is what into them it transforms each time in human beings more. It is not disqualifying the other that me superior lathe it.