Comportamental Patient

The fact of the unfamiliarity of the cognitivo process, leads to many people to be at the mercy of of its beliefs (which can be positive or negative) beyond strengthening them, in function to generate new evidences prove that them. The part Cognitiva and Comportamental of the therapy process The mannering training has as intention the modification of habits. This takes the patient to have control on factors that before thought not to have, fact made that it to feel itself impotent. This training is a well practical part of the therapy and brings resulted fast, depending on the motivation of the patient and the steps to be planned in set the psychotherapist enters the same and. The Cognitivo focus of the therapy has as pillar to teach the patient to understand its way to think and its reactions to the situations, of which it can have greater or minor has controlled. This is initiated through the examination of the automatic thoughts.

What they are the automatic thoughts? They are our internal dialogues, that occur in form of thought or mental images. All we have internal colloquies and automatic the time all, the difference is if they eyeglasses generates interpretations of us inside, and the automatic thoughts are the concretion of these. That is, the boy of history above, has as one of its eyeglasses of that it never will understand the substance of the test and that is difficult excessively for it. The consequence of this already was explained above. It is common also when one is with certain activated belief that if generalizes and/or increases the interpretations. For example, in the case of the boy, it to be able to come to think that since does not obtain to understand some topics of this book, it will always have difficulties in the reading of other books. Moreover, that it will go to repeat this disciplines and that never will finish the college student. Modifying the thought At the moment where the patient if of the account of that it has the possibility to change its cognitions (interpretations) on the events, this perception of the beginning to a therapeutical process of internal changes that will go to reflect in the external facts. The individual leaves the victim position and feels itself stronger soon at the beginning of the therapy, because it perceives that, exactly having real difficulties, he can start to act on them, using powerful tools efficient.