Incorrectly Treated Stomach Pain

Doctors can fail in diagnosis and treatment of stomach ailments. The bacterium Helicobacter pylori causes stomach inflammation in very many people. Although this correlation in medicine is known for decades, the right therapy, Yes at all the right diagnosis is often omitted. Who is suffering from a Helicobacter infection, can therefore possibly – as available. -for many years, looking across other doctors who give him any pain-relieving chemicals, but not really cure just the actual suffering of stomach. Perhaps the ill from his environment and even the doctors will hear only again and again, he should pay attention to a low-salt and low-sugar diet, he should exercise regularly, he should take a more (or less) calcium, he should be in serenity practice, etc. etc.

Now, who really has become a victim of Helicobacter pylori, even this advice isn’t necessarily very much against the pain will help the. However, it may be that – as in the Verf. -already after one week of treatment with antibiotics, the bacteria is killed off; the time of stomach ailments can be then basically finished. Analgesic agents, in particular to reduce the production of stomach acid, may be but may nevertheless be taken into consideration. After the experiences of the Verf. There’s no compelling reason to anticipate an immediate significant improvement in treating Helicobacter. It is particularly curious if a doctor while at least has correctly diagnosed a Helicobacter infection, but then still limited temporarily to relieve the patients something again with effectively only analgesic agents and to make him suffer otherwise continue.

And in particular by the above advice for stomach pain prevents an effective treatment. Granted: you must classify a low-salt and low-sugar diet, regular sports, the right calcium intake and in particular a reasonable composure not necessarily from the beginning as not healthy; Yes, even healthy people could be about diesbzgl. Changes their way of life thinking to stay free of pain as possible and efficient. But should you swear just doesn’t matter, that even a Helicobacter infection will be cured. So hear a familiar complaints about persistent stomach pain / stomach ulcers, should respond to first of all him Helicobacter. But doctors who fail here for diagnosis or therapy, should be reported if necessary at the competent Chamber; Anyway, this medical failure due to the massive exposure for the patients and due to the well-known medical contexts is not easy to apologize. Fr.