Full Concentration

What many parents with the word ‘ destiny class ‘ refer to, is nothing more than the third school year. What many parents with the word destiny class”refer to, is nothing more than the third school year. Because, at least from this point direction transfer certificate is bent in the finish straight. A year later decides: my kids in school, the real or the Hauptschule goes? But just at this point, parents have the sense that schools do not enough in the area of concentration. Not recommended according to the Director of Rubicon Institute Siegfried Eberle in Schollkrippen, under pressure, is often precisely this ability to concentrate the tip the scales: for the children, the last two school years are a particular burden. It’s around them suddenly all about performance. And they are located in the middle of this maelstrom and must handle them now that they are exposed to this pressure. As the adults also there are then children who are only capable to best performance under pressure.

And those who will not deal at all with it can.” According to Eberle, but there are ways to help these children, exactly. A matter of training not for nothing is compared to the brain like a muscle. If I train there regularly, its performance will be better. However, the training must be designed really to the desired result. A sportsman who wants to train especially endurance, is not like a bodybuilder a 120 kilogram weight three times press, but a 15-kilo barbell 30 times. It is similar with our concentration training.” This was designed for long-lasting concentration according to Eberle.

The children would stimulated concentration services in various exercises. The performance requirements would raised step, so that finally set the desired effect of a long-lasting concentration and memory capacity. The training is designed that the children over a period of time to improve their ability to concentrate. “This capability will give them not only acute, but still help even after years.” Not the Horses shy make however, Eberle is important, that is in a difficult situation as before the conversion certificate especially parents not panic make: many parents don’t realize how much they put your child under pressure. You don’t want it well and do it anyway. One must imagine just the scenario: in the second class was still alright and at the beginning of the third all caregivers around the child begin to measure it only after his academic performance. And not only that. If the services do not fit the parents respond suddenly differently than in the last year. Serious discussions about future prospects are suddenly listed and the like. Many children are simply overwhelmed by this pressure and shut down then.” Eberle advises to do so despite all fears, parents have to make the horses don’t be shy. Pressure was important also for later in life. But it is also important that the child realize that it’ll defined not solely about his academic performance.