In a way that (the above said about the human animal weakness) will be sitting that hardly a nature conspirara against itself, called man, animal man, intellectual man, society, civilization, culture and up to barbarism, to somewhat hiperbolizar. Therefore, it is not easy to give that award to men, works or running contrary to the ideological sense that propels him, on penalty of incurring an autosuicidio, to use a wonderful expression of a known former Venezuelan, famous for his brutal illustration. And let it record that what was said is not product of an arduous intelligentsia who bore a great conclusion, va, nonsense!, but a bullshit with all sovereign viso a truism animal. No beast, by more illustrated is profile (according to the above, is not a contradiction in terms), will tend a trap herself, less a Dome of the high Western civilized intelligentsia (the Swedish Academy) trying to crop of adverse values. There already that a myriad of samples in terms of Nobel prizes (to return to ours), is the most emblematic prize ever awarded to Jorge Luis Borges for that of compliment to the Cuban revolution in time when McCarthyism jineteaba everywhere and Communism had been conceptualized as the scourge of centuries against society’s progressread capitalist.

Of course, the Swedish Academy is there and the U.S. here, but you have to be that piece of animal of the jungle carrying inwardly for not understanding that the political right (which we have been talking about always in the text) is a living being globalized not precisely since the advent of the information age, but since the invention of the idea and the sides. It desfallecio not only the Swedish Academy when it obliterated forever the Argentine, but many others you sure know or will investigate, dear reader. She, Academy, Watchtower of civilization and culture-Western, under your sad animal condition (have to imagine those sublime academics lamenting his condition of animal humanity) and since it began to give out awards, has been floating in various seas since its Foundation: the contradiction (silogistica contradiction), fear (fear of cultural or civilizations) and confusion (confusion of the sublime with the profane(, or, better said, of the sublime with the political).