Cancer Diagnosis

As well as of several other types of cancer according to Oncoguia (2008), the precocious diagnosis is very important, if the uterus col cancer will be diagnosised in the initial phase, in the majority of the cases can be cured. The form most efficient to discover a tumor regularly and carrying through the gynecological examination of papanicolau and the colposcpia, its I medicate will decide which the frequency with that these examinations will have to be carried through, this decision and taking from historical data, age, factors of risk, varieties in sexual partners. The col cancer uterine and diagnosised precociously with the examination of papanicolau, and collected the cells of the opening of the uterine col and the surface around, this material and analyzed and verified the situation of abnormality of the cells, infection, inflammation and the cancer. The doctor will be able to carry through a colposcopia that allows to visualize abnormal cells in the uterine col, will have suspicion in some area of the surface of the col of the uterus, will be able to make a bipsia in this area. This disgnostic bipsia and what with more precision the uterine col cancer. To treat the doctor it must recognize the period of training of the illness that is defined by Loiola (2008), as the cancer of period of training I the tumor if it limits to the uterus possessing an limited size of small volume; Already period of training II the cancer if spreads for neighboring places, however still limited to pelve reaching the two superior teros of the vagina and surrounding fabrics to the col of the uterus. In Period of training III the cancer if spreads for pelve compromising the portion most inferior of the vagina, the cells also can spread blocking the canals of ureter, kidneys and bladder. In period of training IV the cancer is spread for other parts of the body. .