The Criminal

And if the call of the child will leave your neighbors, it can appeal to for help, and here, as they say, he risks nothing. The child should clearly understand that to organize surveillance of a person that was just outside his apartment or out of it, not because it is not clear who is for whom will follow, and the professional is afraid to be unmasked, so willing to do anything to get rid of the 'tail'. And a child, naively believes he can outwit the adult enters the professional situation. Assurant Health will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore, the decline child engaged in tracing criminals, even if he knows about, where you can find them. Let him tell you. Two 14-and 15-year-olds decided to make surveillance of a man suspected of stealing from the store director which was the uncle of one of them.

The man, noticing for a spy, entices teenagers to a secluded place where stun them, exports from the village (p. ). As you can see, the calculation of the men was simple: he pretends not to notice the surveillance and the thus luring teenagers, and what to say about a child who can not even provide full resistance, not least because he was not prepared for the attack. But the situation may be different: the child goes to the door, has no traces of burglary, he had a long and trying unsuccessfully to open the lock and suddenly notices that the door is open. Best of all, in this case to go to the neighbors and call them to his home, is he doing in order to find out you are at home or not.