And then began to conduct training on this system. People who use this right methodology on a clear sequence of – and b appearance of fresh sensations and new developments in the inner experience. At the core, the foundation of all lessons are exercises with a special algorithm, the internal systems, the concentration and distribution of effort over the body. In the first 10 – 15 days of classes come to feel active vibration, even electrifying the surface of the skin. These feelings first appear in the fingers, and then rise from the palms to elbow and above-the entire length of China's energy channels. This effect can be compared with the influence of numerous tingling, itching and light "flustered", first in the hands and feet.

And then a feeling "bottled" the most body surface. This impression arises from the start of work on a powerful level of performance of hundreds of thousands and millions of energetically active points, which are located on human skin. These points suck the skin scattered " cosmic energy "-" protopurusha "(the term of the sacred books of India) or yuan shen" (definition from China) and "merge" its deep body of subtle energy capillaries. I must say, this dynamic effect is well visible when viewed from Kirlian-screen machines. (Reference – Kirlian photo) Over time – after the first "bio-energy results," the effects of activation energostrukutry will deepen. At the end of the month daily lessons, hands and feet, back and stomach among the general impression "of vibration force field on the skin, always appear located almost at the bottom under the skin" buzzing "the energy flows.