Juices: Pros And Cons

Today we will examine the importance of drinking juice in their diet. Juice in its composition are powerful and really useful weapon in the fight against disease, since they are very much useful vitamins and minerals. They are divided into two types: juices from fruits and juices from vegetables. According to its beneficial properties of vegetable juices, fruit juices are far superior, but there is one thing. Not everyone is able to in large numbers to drink the juice from vegetables. But the fruit juices we drink in large quantities without harming their health.

Immediately let you make a reservation, if juices, then fresh. Canned juices packages, as if they were not praised advertising, almost useless to improve taste, such as juices add sugar, and that they long kept, – Preservatives. Shorter than the juices of the packages – it is an unhealthy option. We will talk with you about the fresh juices and a look at some of them. Apple juice. Pros: apple juice has a low content of vitamin C. It may seem strange, but it very well.

High concentrations of ascorbic acid causes problems stomach and destroys tooth enamel. Cons: too little vitamin C. The juice can be , but the daily value of vitamin C did not receive it. Orange juice. Pros: Long-term studies scholars have shown that an orange a day significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and some forms of cancer. It is true whether it refers to orange juice is not known.