The Power Of Proteins

The proteins are power plants for our body. They are formed by amino acids, being basic for our organism and are gifts in all the cells of our body. The proteins can come of foods that we ingest or through endogenous source that are derived from the degradation of cellular proteins of our organism. We need proteins very so that everything in our body functions perfectly, if a person does not ingest a minimum amount of protein during the day, the proper body goes to treat to supply this necessity stealing this protein of the muscles and agencies. They are the proteins that make its imunolgico system to function perfectly, therefore the proteins possess little index of fat. One remembers that a rich food in protein does not possess much fat. The amount of protein that a person must ingest throughout one day can vary: – Men need about 150g protein per day Women need about 100g protein per day Some rich foods in protein: – 7 clear ones of eggs possess 25g of protein – Chest of cooked chicken possesss 25-30g of protein – red Meat lean kitchen possesss 25-30g of proteins – Tuna possesss 27g of protein These is the main rich foods in proteins, however you do not have to consume they in excess, you remember that any food consumed in excess makes its health badly. As well as nobody he only lives of protein, for a balanced feeding is necessary to ingest other nutrients..