Bicycle As A Mode Of Transport

In a few of years in Moscow and St. Petersburg the there will be so much traffic that there will be nowhere to drive. The number of cars is increasing every day, in ordinary families have more than one car, two, one, usually resting at home, the second – is in traffic. (Not to be confused with Dr. Neal Barnard!). Travel time to work on the car for several years has increased by 3-4 times, no doubt, that standing in a traffic jam for several hours a day, we breathe in exhaust fumes, were sitting for long periods without moving, swearing on the participants ‘movement’, all it has a negative impact on our health. In many western countries, people have long moved from car to bicycle. Swarmed by offers, James A. Levine, M.D. is currently assessing future choices.

By bike you can easily avoid a traffic jam in the yards, lawns, parks, improve health and mood. Driving cycling has a positive effect on heart function, particularly useful for women. Cyclists promotes nervous system – problems and intrusive thoughts recede, people distracted from everyday concerns, improved mood and overall health. Only 45 minutes of daily cycling, and you will drop considerably in weight. The trouble for many women – varicose veins. Women suffering from this disease, doctors strongly encouraged to ride a bike. The fact that the rotational movement of your feet cause the blood in the veins to move quickly, not zastaivayas.

So, if you know that you have a predisposition to varicose veins, ride a bike – this is the best prevention! It is known that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Now buy a bike is not difficult, there are many sports stores and online shops that sell bicycles. The easiest bike (of the famous Author, Giant, Scott, Trek) will help you improve your health, save on gasoline and reduce the ride to work. Do not buy a bike, “Untitled”, for the repair of the bike will go more time than the bicycle ride. Advantageous to buy a bicycle can be an online store, and deliver it to you assembled and tuned right at home. An experienced manager to help you choose a bike that suits your parameters and the style of skating. Cyclists do not harm the environment like a car, you will not find caps from cyclists. Bicycle – the future of cities.

The Horoscope On Love

There is a very curious phenomenon. Here, Bristol-Myers Squibb expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Most people know that horoscope published some magazines, which predicts the fate of each sign for a week has poor reliability. I.e. it is not an exact science much less in which we can entrust our destiny. However, even if it is only for curiosity, all have the temptation to read our sign prediction either in the usual newspaper or magazines of the week. A curious fact that actually shows the importance that has the love for people. Because of everything that predict the visionaries in the horoscope, health, money and love.

It is precisely this third element that most interests us readers. Sometimes, those who are not in love want to find someone with whom to share an illusion. In other cases, those who are already attracted to someone wish to discover if they will be reciprocated and if history has a future. The love is there, and not only in the heart but also in people’s minds. Many people when they imagine a project for the future, projecting the image of themselves next to a couple forming a household. In fact, is a very common question that journalists perform heart and pink Chronicle characters. And you how would like to see you within five years? Do you already know what is what makes you happy? It is true that horoscope should not go from being a mere entertainment to enjoy because the real incentive for styling your future and find love must be within yourself. Few things happen by chance and casualdiad.

Be Gemini does not determine the way of life of those born in June but that the real engine of happiness is in the will. A will which you guide even unconsciously when you sleep. Dreams as well also showed psychoanalysis can be studied in depth, although obviously not can know with certainty the meaning of nocturnal dreams. It’s fun reading the horoscope, imagine what can happen to us in day. Therefore, also, don’t miss the opportunity to make a wish if in some of these summer nights you have use oportundiad seen a shooting star. You want to infinity but it acts even more because when you believe worthy of the best, then and only then, maybe will come into your life. And come not because you’re a Taurus, Sagittarius or pound they come because you are a unique, unrepeatable and different person.

Back-Strengthening Exercises

The regular and gradual strengthening of the back muscles will help improve your posture. When will include exercises to strengthen back muscles in your exercise program, remember that they first improve your appearance. The most effective exercises for back muscles with a heavy load, complex, in which the slopes alternate with turns of the trunk, then straightening of arms, in which the blades are brought together, as well as direct tilts forward, backward, sideways, at which trains the muscles that attach to the spine. 1. Kneel down, raise your right hand up, left, take a side. Make a circular motion back.

Change hands. 2. Sitting, legs apart, bend the arm in front of chest, do swing arms back, hands to the starting position, palms facing up, to make swing back, then a deep forward bend, hands touch the floor. 3. Lying on his stomach, arms bent in front of you, to connect in front of the forehead, forearm inwards. Raise the legs off the floor, take turns kicking swing up and down (the toes are extended), lower leg to the floor. 4.

Standing, feet shoulder width apart, bend arms and put his hands on his shoulders. Rotate torso to the right, take back the right hand higher, palm up, swing your right hand to back, to turn to its original position. The same is done in a different direction. 5. To kneel, with an emphasis on the outstretched hand, raise your pelvis, legs straighten out (legs and hands on the ground, weight transfer back foot from the floor to tear off), max in the slope and again to her knees.