Treated Question

Said this, the problem that had was that more importance to the argument of what was given of the veracity of what was spoken. Thus, the good orator left the quarrel with the detainer of the truth of the treated question. As Vernant cites: When bringing ' mistrio' for the public square, into full now, it converts it in an object of public and contradictory debate, in which the argument dialectic finishes for surpassing the supernatural illumination (VERNANT, J.P. 1973. p.302). In these terms, Vernant indicates that, many times, the truth was left of side, attempting against itself only to the fact of the argument, of the rhetoric, as they made sofistas, that simply had the function of persuation of determined person. Thus, we can understand the famous phrase of Scrates ' ' I know that nothing Sei' ' , through the oracle of Dlfus, representing exactly the critical one of that, arriving themselves at the truth, she is necessary if to raise to a state of so high spirit that, if to leave to lead for the directions, its search if becomes each more arduous time.

Thus, Scrates, as the too much philosophers, always searched the truth. But truth in all the directions of the term, that enclosed a bigger ideal. However, as it describes Plato in the Myth of the Cave, located in the book ' ' The Repblica' ' , in a dialogue of Scrates and Gluco, the human beings do not know the real truth, a time that are imprisoned by chains in a cave, looking at for the wall, and seeing only shades, in opposition to an opening behind them, where it has a fogueira, that is, the true object of which they only saw shades. In this manner, it is to have of one of them if to free of chains, to look at true object, and to spread the real truth for all the others, a time that the truth must be said and be shared with excessively.

Natural Diamond

"This world was invented by me, this world is a mystery to everyone. Whirlwind of thoughts explode into dust and melted, but leave the reward for those who will be living way beyond doubt, who has known the fear of happiness and sadness, who kept the dream in his heart, who love yourself filled. And love – is the conscience of the earth, and it knows no barriers, it is the power of the earth witchcraft, it is a treasure for centuries. It lies behind the seven locks, in the realm of tenderness and beauty, and the rest think of themselves, I wish you just – Love. Can not be separated mother, beloved daughter, sister, but each The above role has its own color of love. And there is no primary or more important love, here is an integral fusion of feelings towards their loved ones. It is not strange, but every love has its cut, its jewelry frame, its continuation, its history.

I want to draw your attention to the love of the beloved, and here lies the secret of "intellectual elixir youth. " But to reach the level of "intellectual elixir of youth" may be conditionally ascending to Olympus universal love. Stairs ascending Olympus love open at the time the amplitude of movement of gold mid-life. Very few people possess hidden knowledge about the golden section and quite a few people who have reached the mental level to define their own origin. You ask: But where is dream? If you paid attention to then in my previous article I showed the possible direction of the mosque and the birth of their status, all else is primitive desires, who mistakenly called dreams.

The family, founded on the idea of procreation (so people see the meaning of life together with the elementary additions, such as purchasing real estate, other property, joint recreation, education and ensuring their children, other areas of joint life) does not do the job entry level step ascent. Opening a new ability, unusual for this world of opportunities starts with understanding the fundamental basis of the universe. Natural Diamond is born in abstracted perception of reality drawn by an architect of the existing world. Time in which we are – there is no binding and, moreover, to fool the subordination stereotypes. Time may begin at any moment of awareness of their actions. Thoughts build algorithms life, approves of the way of thinking, we are the bearers of the unique system self-knowledge. All our activities – improvising a chain connecting the skills of the mental level with the practice of living. Do not lose yourself in itself – is the first main goal, as the move toward his dream, and the move to self-polishing. The task nor as easily as I announced, because of habit, developed society, not the rule move the person. If you are satisfied with the existing status of residence, it makes no sense and increase the angle, velocity intellectual capabilities. If you're ready to go to the source of the current games are ready to open the memories of the original purpose, are ready to reach the standard of Mount Everest, leading you to serious results, then you will need help from the handler. Professionals who are prepared to carry out this temporary role, not yet, but there are ways to approach, prepare to leap into the future. This you can learn in the process of personal contact with me. On many of the questions I answer. Write to me at my email address.

The Natural Law

Thus, the natural right for them comes or has double source: Of a side human reason (Naturalis Ratio) and of another one the LOGO or divine Law. As it can conclude east concept of natural right of the stoic school had a strong influence in the philosophical thought for all time later on the subject. In Rome As he knows himself the Romans did not have the same trajectory in intellectual and philosophical matter that the Greeks. The Romans, indeed, were not philosophers. Dr. Neal Barnard brings even more insight to the discussion. Its thought was based on all the philosophical systems of the Greek world. Its same history was influenced directly by the Greek culture that became present in the itlica peninsula through its Colonising policy that founded several " distant cities helnicas" (Apoikiai). Nevertheless, one of the most gracious minds of the Roman world, FRAME THULIUM CICERON (106 to 43 AC), follower of the stoic doctrine, with regard to the natural right, had great conceptual successes.

Times it gives to the natural right theological implications, like when it speaks of " a straight originating reason of the divine reason, that it commands to do the good thing and it prohibits contrario". Other times it frames the natural right within the nature, simply, or within " nature of cosas" , like when it express: " The Natural Law is the Supreme inserted Reason in the nature, that commands what there is to do and prohibits contrario". In his treaty OF REPUBLIC it says: " There is a true Law that consists of the straight reason, according to the nature, universal, immutable and eternal, that with its mandates calls to the fulfillment of the obligation and dissuades of the evil with its prohibitions. This Law cannot wholly or partly be annulled nor be countermanded, and not even by the authority of the Senate or the town we can be given of the same. .

Charles Chaplin

For study ends, we point out that if it deals with a comedy, however, of conscientizador matrix, acting as one film that denounces the occured barbarity in the Europe. Of intense social conscience, the film searchs to question a period efervescente of movements fascists in the Europe, criticizing the vindication of the citizen who, for patriotism, tolerates the murder of millions of Jews. An important detail is that the Carlitos personage was a Jew. The professors of History of the Education recommend to its pupils as source of contextualizao of a period strong marked by the hitleriana tyranny, what it will provide same to a chance of critical reflection. Teacher Diana Mara Gerber, Coordenadoria de Educao in the distance – CEAD – UDESC Virtual.

This fact sample that the Americans even so fought the nazistas, shared with them some of its methods, the common hatred to the communism was used as justification to pursue any refuting thought and is clearly that a popular and critical artist as Charles Chaplin even so had served at a first moment to the antinazistas interests, scared any system politician. The speech of the film shows the thought of the author who retook the critical ones to the process of modernization already evidenced in ' ' Modernos&#039 times; ' to the process of alienation of the workers, also criticizes the racial intolerncia, one of the bases of the Imperialism, that ruiu with the end of World War II, as the liberators who had fought the nazistas atrocities the same kept treatment in the colonies that the nazistas they gave to the Jews? To question modernity scared the Americans, for who its society was the universal model chosen by God (nation of puritanos). Of this form the adorable Carlitos, misadjusted it made that them to laugh for being the opposite of them and the example not to be followed, if becomes a serious personage, politician.

Astrology. Horoscope (natal Chart) The Hands

The system of scientific astrology author 1. Line of Venus. Life Line, the main line, a line of vitality, Una uNNz, thenar line. Skirts the hill of Venus, from which takes its name hirologicheskoe. 2. The line of Mars. Other leaders such as James A. Levine, M.D. offer similar insights. Line head line of Mind, a line of intelligence, the lower horizontal line seGNz, natural line. 3.

Line of Jupiter. Line heart line of the Senses, a mental line sagsIoz, a line of happiness, the line of emotions, a line of love. 4. Line Saturn Line destiny, fate line, a line of rock, the line of evil fate, Champs, the vertical line. 5. Line of the Sun. The line of Apollo, the line of fame, celebrity line, a line of success, the line art, line art, line the ideal.

6. The line of Mercury. Line Health Line liver, gall bladder line, a line of commercial skills, business line, line of business, science line, a line of commerce, a line of oratory, Mercurial. 7. Line of the White Moon. Line of Isis inner line of Mars, a sister line of life, a line parallel to the line of life, inner life line, a line of warriors, the line of Guardian Angel. 8. Line of Uranus. The line of intuition, a subsidiary line of life, the line of paranormal abilities, the line medially. 9. Neptune line. Line of the Milky Way, the road of lust, the path of lust, a line of obscenities, fraud line, a line of clairvoyance, inspiration, line, line of poison. 10. Line of the Black Moon. Necklace of Venus, the Girdle of Venus, Demon-line tempter, 11. Line of Pluto. Character line, the line of Will. 12. Line of the moon. Line of travel, the line travels, 13. Line of Chiron. Line marriage (Chiron – the ruler of the seventh house and Libra. Seventh House – the house of marriage), the lines of union, contact marriage, a line of close friends. 14. Line of the lunar nodes. Line Dragon. North, Ascending lunar node-dragon head (Rahu) and the South, top-down lunar node – Dacono tail (Ketu). Rosetta rastsetty, bracelets, wrist line. 15. Line Proserpine. Line of Isis, Isis line, a line of Wisdom.

Uncle Stepan

Recently Dr. Neal Barnard sought to clarify these questions. You may find Dr. Peter M. Wayne to be a useful source of information. I mean in general, will not work no that’s so – it is necessary to save the skin of his! From it – have found strength, that is urine reptile heel strike to toe shoe nails in the face no longer in the face – in his ugly face his detestable to drop his knee poke between the legs wailing screaming So much so that the lights in the entrance quivered? What was her pulse when frustrated (oh if only this or the first time) a rapist How much like her heart to break out of my chest escape and hide somewhere under ten locks, steel doors for twenty Wondered whether it is the fact that not opened the door neighbors that no the noise, no cry did not leave a single living soul? And it is not called the police Hmm There is something to ponder At least over those from whom you’re waiting for help when you are raped or killed? Uncle Stepan policeman? Prince on a white horse with sharp sword scabbard? Sipping coffee has cooled down, catch in the air, the answer to the question hovering. Only from myself, dear Only on itself Only on my own And gone, gone pen, leaving a sheet of paper behind a blue gel The first signs “Probably almost every woman in his life felt the dirty hand thug, maniac or a bully.