Variety is immune to scab gene. Grafted on rootstock undersized begins to bear fruit the second year after planting. If tree remove all skeletal branches and leave only the conductor (the trunk), the apples will hang straight on the trunk that looks very decorative, with a plant such trees can be very close – even at a distance of 0.5 meters. So way you can get an interesting fruit-bearing wall. The only drawback of this interesting variety is not the best taste of the fruit.

The trees survived the winter very cold at 33 degrees and going to bloom. But noticed a strong freezing of the tops of annual plants in the nursery. Has immune to scab gene Vf. Examples – early autumn variety, ripening period, mid-September, apples, bright red, larger than average, good taste, sweet-sour, usually the same size. Trees vigorous, winter-hardy enough. This is the first brand in the world, which has a gene immune to scab Vf. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. It is used for breeding new varieties resistant to this disease.

Liberty – A winter variety, ripening period of the end of September, you can save up to February, apples, dark red, sour sweet, juicy, I have a diminutive garden in a remote area, to which I just do not get your hands – there is growing, as you can. So due to lack of care it not so that pampers me yield (and it serves me right) that will destroy tsvetoed flowers, the scab on the strike ovaries. However, some varieties of fruit all the same, no matter what, such as time and Liberty is – indeed resistant to many grade infection! Besides, the taste is quite decent. For 15 years, underwent two trees perfectly for our cold winters in the edges of 33 degrees. Has immune to scab gene Vf. Florin – winter variety, very early starts to bear fruit, removing the period beginning November. That would grow large enough fruits, one must thin out the ovary. Fruits are very firm hold on the branches and can hang until frost, in good repository can store up to June. Has immune to scab gene Vf. In addition to varieties with a gene immune to scab, you should pay attention to some other kind enough to her stable: Candy – a favorite apple of children, no wonder it Candy named. Summer variety, ripens with White in bulk. Apples are striped, not the best color, but it perfectly compensates for the excellent sweet flavor. Trees are not very tall, quite resistant to frost. Avenarius – summer sweet, good taste apples, medium and smaller size and ripen in mid-August, the tree vigorous, very hardy, often ill with cancer. Katya – Swedish kind of late summer – early autumn ripening apples bright red, good sweet-sour taste. It is not suffering from scab, but is affected with cancer. The trees are not high, begins to bear fruit early in our area fairly hardy. Generally good grades a lot, but no one has brought up such that he would have had nothing but dignity and no flaws – perfect grades do not exist! If you have a great site, buy and plant tested, released varieties, if the land lacks, feel free to experiment, try something new. Only within reason, of course.

Sports: A Look Inside

"Victory!" – How sweet is the word for outstanding athletes and millions of ordinary sports fans! But as you know, the beauty of sports victories stands no second blast, a long and laborious work, multiplied by today's high technology. And this applies not only to the people – the arena in which there are training sessions and competitions, in our days is not inferior to the complexity of the spacecraft. What is the "wrong side" of sports facilities? Let's try this out … Genuine leather If you compare a stadium or swimming pool with a living being, his "skin" will certainly be exterior trim. It is up to its beauty depends on the perception of both external appearance and interior sports facilities. And do not think that it is of little importance: the principle of "meet on clothes" is universal. Especially important is the exterior of the building for landmark sites – those which are high level competitions. This is understandable, because such facilities are business cards of the country. Such, for example, if we recall the recent Olympics in Beijing, its main arena – "Bird's Nest." Under the glittering web of seemingly haphazard steel beams, which do not seem to obey gravity lies precise engineering calculations and advanced materials. According to the authors (in the design involved both Chinese and Swedish, and British architects and engineers), all the gigantic structure based only on 24 truss columns made of a specially designed reinforced concrete, around which the "braided" beams from a specially developed by Chinese scientists from ultra-pure stainless steel.