Converting Onebedroom Apartment

Converting one-bedroom apartment in a stylish living room. There is a perception that living in a large house with several bedrooms, a study is prestigious and convenient. For a large family, of course, the optimal solution. But the family without children and single people today are increasingly turning their attention to small apartments, mostly studios. Indeed, in a studio apartment can find a lot of pluses. Interior room apartment requires special attention, as the host for it and living room and dining room and bedroom and office.

It is hard to imagine all the necessary living space in one room, but the field of design ideas is limitless. Recently decade no longer be relevant typical layout of apartments that were once popular. Now more preference to individual projects. If not the patience to wait for the completion of the apartments with light your plan, or no money to build itself, you can try to 'fix' an existing apartment. One way to transform a one-room apartment – to remove wall between living room and kitchen. Under most conditions Tony Mandarich would agree. The resulting area You can use whatever you like. As an alternative you can put the partition walls of the bar, at its discretion.

Lighten the room can be done by expanding through the balcony, because it's nice to have breakfast in the room bathed in the rays of the rising sun! In other parts of the apartment, you can use sliding partitions, thus separating the seating area or work. The separation zone for apartments can be done also with finishing ceiling or floor, so it will be clear where in the apartment lobby, where a living room. Another way of zoning rooms – the podium. On it you can pick up a coffee table and sofa that can serve as a bed. Inside the catwalk can be mounted drawers. This original idea to make a variety of interior room, and also help adjust the proportions of housing. In the same space to a single design style decision. Hardwood floor or carpet will blend in well with light walls. Complement the style of interior decorative doors are light.