Pediatric Nursing Assistance

Professional support in the area of child care by the care center c families with sick relatives have it not easy. Their care requires much energy and time, so that for the caregivers themselves often nothing more remains. It is especially bad when there are children that need to be maintained. Here, the mental component weighs particularly heavily. Can help with the care of their sick child, so that you too can gain strength again.

Who are we we, c, are nursing since 1999 in the adult care working. in 2005, we have expanded our offer to meet families with dependent children. Because our team consists of loud practitioners, child nurses, nurses and specialist nurses for intensive care, we can meet all needs of your loved ones in home-based child care. What we offer in home-based child care there are areas that we can offer you different. The medical care can include following areas: we serve Children, the oxygen gifts, monitoring and ventilation need diabetes, as well as children with heart and lung diseases, acute and chronically ill children with nutritional problems, for Burns and the need of injection, infusion, or inhalation therapy. Also the pure care without medical application is often difficult to provide for a caring individual. So we take care in the context of home child care: disabled, severely disabled or chronically ill children for prevention or for the relief of the parents our motto in the context of home care of children within our means stands for us as health care team the responsibility and autonomy of the patient, also of the child in the Central punk. So, the courage and the dignity of the patient is to be preserved in the domestic environment despite serious illnesses.

By the loving domestic child care of members, we support our endeavours, this can be done even in difficult situations. Consider the benefits of the home child care offers for you. Let us support you, back to time, find strength and balance for your children for all that is beautiful, that you want to share with them in the future.