Natural Help For Stuffy Nose

Congestion is referred to as a stuffy nose, nasal obstruction, or nasal obstruction. This condition causes the obstruction of the nasal passages when the membranes in the nose become swollen and inflamed. Nasal congestion is often caused by a viral infection. People who have allergic reactions, colds and flu is familiar with that feeling of congestion. You can seriously affect children in their first months of life, not only causing breathing difficulties but also problems with breastfeeding.

Affects speech and hearing and can also cause to disorders such as apnea sleep and snoring. Older children can develop nasal congestion of the enlarged adenoids and may experience cardiac arrest or sleep apnea, but with surgery, this problem can be easily corrected. Once you have determined the cause of the congestion, there are a number of treatment options available. Common symptoms and signs of nasal congestion include: * common colds or flu are associated to often a clear, watery discharge along with cough, headache, joint and muscle or a sore throat aches * hay fever is often associated with a clear, sneezing watery discharge and itching in the eyes * sinus infection is often associated with one download nasal a color and pain around the eyes and forehead * vasomotor rhinitis is often associated with sneezing, itching, congestion or runny diagnosis of nasal congestion to confirm the diagnosis of nasal congestion, your doctor will check your symptoms as well as perform a physical exam. A careful check of your ears, nose, throat and upper respiratory system will be made. Certain tests such as tests of skin allergy, blood tests, throat or sputum culture, x-rays of the sinuses, chest x-ray and tests of the immunoglobulin can also be ordered to confirm the diagnosis. What causes nasal congestion? Causes of nasal congestion include: * common cold or flu * Allergic reaction * hay fever * infection or sinusitis sinus * vasomotor rhinitis help nasal congestion medication over-the-counter as present and antihistamine pills help generally to relieve congestion.

Be careful not to abuse these types of medications, because they have some harsh side effects such as swelling in the nasal passages, and can also cause drowsiness. More peaceful solutions are often more profitable to make breathing easier as apply a hot, wet towel to your face or inhale steam, prepare your own saline water solution by mixing 1/2 teaspoon salt to two cups of water, eat hot chicken broth or put breathing strips across the bridge of his nose. If a baby experiences congestion, an infant nasal aspirator is used to remove excess mucus. If the symptoms of congestion becomes more serious, stronger, prescription medication will be recommended. Natural remedies the remedies herbal and homeopathic, available both for adults and for children, are an natural alternative effective for relief of congestion. These remedies are safe and gentle for the body without the harsh side effects of conventional medication. Two well-known grasses such as Quercitin contain antioxidants and help to enhance immunity and promote healthy circulation while than Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) supports the vision and eye health. Homeopathic ingredients such as Arsen alb, Nat. Mur and Kali mur. benefit to the skin, to the to the health of the liver and nervous system. Original author and source of the article.