Aesthetic One

The summer this and you are worried there about it? He makes some aesthetic treatment of getting rid of that one pneuzinho or that located fat? This type of aesthetic procedure is ideal that if makes before the summer arriving, but to help in it loses of weight during the summer goes some tips here. The aesthetic treatments that before already crowded the clinics now have a reason more to take you until an aesthetic clinic. Some devices had gained one upgrade, with new devices that act more deeply in its skin, eliminating each time more the located fat. Ultrashape Already was called lipo blunt exactly because it eliminates much fat without needing to make a lipoaspirao and no surgery. Using the extreme sound, this technology makes with that the cells of fats if breach, however that is done in small regions as one pneuzinho, areas many great ones already is not possible to use this technology. With the device most modern already it is possible to photograph the patient and to follow the evolution of the treatment.

Beyond the treatments it is advisable to follow tips to remain itself in form in the summer: – It does not use products that leave the oily skin Take water sufficiently, it eats fruits and vegetables It starts the walked day with one, places light clothes all Solar, indispensable Filter the year but that in the summer if it cannot forget at no moment. – Hidratao, to keep the hidratada skin is basic. – Exfoliao: it uses to advantage the hour of the bath and always has a corporal exfoliante, beyond removing the skin deceased leaves the skin with a soft touch. It does not forget that in the summer she is necessary to take many liters of water, it uses to advantage this hot time and it takes natural waters and juices. Keeping the hidratado body its diet will have resulted fast.