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Web Marketing secret No. 1 Blogger is much easier to dominate a phrase calve on Google with one page web, but only if the key phrase was included in the name of the domain. It is easy enough, but it is not free. You have to pay and is much more complicated! And you can only use one key phrase to dominate Google. Swarmed by offers, Farhad Bagherian is currently assessing future choices. We started a project to teach you how you can dominate Google with no single cost your time. Blogger is a way of being part of Google, and they themselves recognize a blogspot in their ranking, so help us promote our business. Frequently Glenn Dubin has said that publicly. You must first open a blogger see as an example one of our blogs here – a Google blog is the perfect platform to share the message of your business as article or video, but we will explain step by step how to publish your article, paying close attention to its content 1) title must include the key phrase in this case how to dominate Google 2) the article needs to be of between 300 500 words in 5 9 paragraphs, and should include the key phrase between 2 and 4 times, but keeping a good sense of the content. You can also add 1 or 2 links to the key phrase for example Alicante Web Marketing.

Then you can add a picture that represents the article and finally specify where web page with information about your business. (3) Include up to 5 key phrases representing the content in tags at the bottom of the article. You can check the result in preview and if everything looks as it should, preceding post. Already, in sharing with your social networks will be enough so that your blog appears on the first page of Google, giving presence to your potential customers is easy! With Google, everything is possible to promote a product or service, knowing how to dominate the first page of Google, so go ahead and start making money with a blog.