Learn A Little About Yourself

Love to draw? Excellent! Did you know that your funny pictures can tell about you a lot of interesting information? For a specialist course, but you also have already demon-five minutes a specialist? We have, however, not a circle of young talent We therefore draw geometric shapes. Well, to begin with a look at what the overall picture of the life you have. Do you already have paper and pen? Yeah, well. So, draw three circles. Your first past the second – the present and the third, Naturally, the future.

And each of them put a capital letter time (n, n, b). Ready? And now look. Soooo, what is the distance between the circles? Your future is away from you on the floor sheet? Or the past? In fact, before you now visually depicts your plans, experiences and expectations. Ideal scheme probably does not exist. You create it, it is yours, and you decide what is ideal. But it is worth considering, if the terms of the past too closely, or creeps on Currently, much less future. Is it too much attention you pay to him? You can not always live in the past. By the way, the most obvious sign that you "sits up" in the past is ….

Constipation. So be careful. As difficulties with the toilet, thinking: "I do not often leaf through the photos ….." More about your attitude toward your life say the size of circles. For comparison, here is an example of that, children, circle of the Future, the biggest draw.