Eike Wenzel Markets

Value change is trading with new challenges Berlin/Balingen, July 2009 – sense issues increasingly affect our lives. So one could summarize – greatly shortened – the results of the latest study of the future researcher Eike Wenzel. \”He sees massive changes subject to the various markets of the Western world: towards actual sustainability and growing immaterial Wertigkeit.Wenzel studied in mind markets of the value change in the consumer world\” various markets and life fields such as regionalism, tourism, spirituality, formation and body pleasure. Each, he comes to a similar conclusion. The requirements would increase significantly to all service providers and producers within the near future.

It is no longer sufficient to provide a newspaper route, which carries a familiar name or a service like many competitors. Pioneers in this development was the sinus milieus as Postmaterielle’ designated group. Advisable academics who live in large cities are very well informed and consciously make their total consumption. Because they are confident, they can manipulate less by external influences. High levels of education combined with musical interests. \”You consume under the motto less is more ‘ environmentally and health conscious\”, the Berlin public relations consultant Matthias P. Lubinsky white.

Now, the society of rest of so follows them. Wenceslas come to interesting results. Previous criteria would replaced by others – mental – in our consumption. It is always less sufficient to satisfy only a selective need. Instead, a product for us, must represent something individually especially valuable. That will adding a dimension of orientation. The one I purchased to a consistency of our lives in his direction and perspective. Increasing orientation towards a wider context still is giving me tradition, togetherness, including history and home. The trend researcher selects the time the examples of the print media\”and Cicero\”: who Readers take seriously, hence ad revenue can increase, and empowered readers, whether young or old, are to inspire through critical and thorough journalism.\” After all, the Hamburg weekly newspaper reaches an average of 1.63 million readers per issue after a recent media analysis.