Berlin Gastronomy

It is almost time to eat and carry more than four hours of tourism through the streets of Berlin. Suddenly, the stomach you creaks and makes you your mouth water. Everywhere you get delicious aromas of typical German food. Are you hungry? See what is cooked in the kitchens of Berlin and as they say in German lands, Guten Appetit! Berlin cuisine is diverse, multicultural and, of course, delicious. sta has influences from countries like Turkey, India, Pakistan, Brandenburg, Poland or the Czech Republic. In addition to the best Haute Cuisine as in all big capital, Berlin offers a host of popular and cheap dishes. He is the German city with the highest number of award-winning restaurants: whether you’re a gourmet kitchen, is the perfect destination for you. If you instead prefer the popular cuisine at an affordable price, don’t worry: you’ll find food suitable for all palates and pockets.

If you want something quick to eat, stop by the classic Imbiss, a place in the do can buy fast food, such as the Berlin Bulettes, all kinds of German sausages or the D? ner Turkish, very much in fashion in the capital. The Boulettey D? ner Kebab, came to the area west of Berlin in 1960s with the influx of immigrants. The Currywurst sausage in chunks, with a lot of ketchup and curry is typically Berlin, although it is consumed in whole Germany. Traditional Berlin cuisine is substantial, rustic: typically you’ll find homemade recipes served in family environments. In addition, they serve generous portions with a variety of ingredients where potatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, legumes, poultry and pork are the basis of most of the recipes. The traditional dishes are the knuckle of pork (Eisbein) with cabbage and cabbage (Sauerkraut) puree of peas; carene (Rinderbrust) veal with horseradish; Filet of smoked pork (Kassler); liver roasted with apples, mashed potatoes lumpy (Stampfkartoffeln) and Roast goose. Many Berliners restaurants you will find the equivalent to menu Spanish newspaper, called unter der Woche.

Do normally, serves dishes with sauces, potatoes, sausages, Liverwurst (inlay-based liver puree), mashed potatoes, K? nigsberger Klopse (meatballs in mustard sauce), accompanied by Kartoffelsalat (potato cooked with various ingredients) hamburgers and applesauce (Apfelmus). On the other hand, the favorite fish by Berliners is herring, which can develop in different ways. Do if you want to find where to eat good and cheap restaurants, get close to the districts of Kreuzberg and Neuk? lln. Normally, prices include VAT. If you do not take money above, be sure to ask whether they supported credit card, because not all the restaurants in the city have this service. The typical Berlin drink is beer. There you will find them of all types and sizes: Blondes, black, red, wheat there is even a beer that is served with breakfast call Molle! The Molle is a beer from the more traditional Pils Breweries of Berlin. There is also what in Spain we call clear, or beer with lemonade: Radler. The Diesel is beer mixed with cola. A specialty of Berlin beers is the Berliner Wei? e. The best location to enjoy a good beer are the Biergarten, a few patios outdoor where drink and eat something. Sure that after you’ve updated boots between hot dogs and beers you fancy echarte a shut-eye. Get the best apartments in Berlin. Enjoy a genuine accommodation in the German capital.