The Barbecue of head of cattle is a propitious gastronomical delight for a Sunday in family, but alites of chicken with companions so sigualares as the plums and a delicious salad of rice is a plate that is due to realise in a special occasion as well as you could also make an exquisite and very substantial prescription of lamb barbecue that is another plate of muycho gourmet Here we will teach to you to prepare the delicious alites of chicken BBQ and its respective trimming: Time of preparation: 10 minutes Time of baking: 50 minutes 4 companions at table Ingredients: * 1 kg of chicken wings which are due to marinate in sauce of plum and sauce BBQ. * 2 cups of integral rice. * 2 1/2 water cups. * 1 bucket of hen broth, to add crumbled it. * 1 marrow cut in the form of small pictures. * 420 grs. of washed and slipped grains of good corn. * 2 onions finely sliced.

* 2 teaspoons of ginger. * 2 spoonfuls of lemon juice. * 2 spoonfuls of oil. * 1 handful of fresh coriander. Preparation: 1.

It preheats the furnace to 200C. It places the alites of chicken in a mold and hornee by 50 minutes or until they are crisp and sea breams. 2. To wash the rice until the water leaves clear. To put the rice, the water and the tablet of broth in a casserole, to take to boiling, reduce the fire to slow and cook by 25 minutes or until the rice has absorbed all the liquid. It leaves the rice to the steam in its own heat during other 10 minutes, does not raise the cover. 3. Revuelva the maize marrows, grains, the onion and ginger. To cover and to let cook to the steam in its own heat by minutes. Revuelva also of oil, lemon juice and coriander. It ripens to the taste with salt and pepper. To serve the salad as rice with the pieces of chicken alites.