Aesthetic Surgery

When we have thought to put under us an operation of aesthetic, one of the first things come that us to the mind is how much it is going to cost to me. This preoccupation is very frequent and often we received consultations of this type. Each case is different and therefore we only can obtain the total amount, once has evaluated the case of the patient in the consultation. Although we must plan an economic budget according to our possibilities, sometimes we let ourselves influence by prices low and supplies. The price of an aesthetic surgery of any type will depend on several factors: of the plastic surgeon, his reputation and experience, the medical center where the intervention will be carried out, of the medical equipment that will accompany in the plastic surgery, of the type of prothesis (if it is the case) that it is going away to implant, of the material that will be used in the operation, etc.

Although in the network we can find a great variety of catalogues and lists of prices, we do not have FIAR to us of the closed budgets that can to offer to us. We will not be able to know the cost final of an intervention until the person goes to the consultation and presents/displays the case to the specialist. It is for that reason that we advised to always go to a specialist to be able to obtain a budget fit and adapted to our needs. After knowing the price final, to the patient it assaults one second doubt to him I can pay how it? Many centers have agreements with banking organizations that allow to the financing and the payment of the operation in comfortable terms. In our consultation we have different adapted formulas from financing from the needs of the patient. Thanks to the agreement with BanSabadell FinCom de Banc Sabadell, we will be able to finance the costs between 300 and 21,000 Euros with a high flexibility of payment, of 3 to 60 months. We count on a financial department through what we can manage the postponement of the treatments that decides and to their measurement.