The Pharmacist

The pharmacist laughed without saying anything. Again when she turned to go get it, Sophie interrupted him: – better than three-, he said. The pharmacist was again turn and told Sophie that these tests were quite safe. Sophie replied that he didn’t care, he just wanted to be sure. Do-you want this pregnancy, Madam? -Had asked you out of curiosity. -With all my soul!-Sophie had responded. -Well I wish you all the luck in the world–while it enveloped the three kits. Sophie left the pharmacy with a smile of gratitude.

Seemed it that his house was farther than usual. Expected results also seemed endless, but when he saw that the 4 kits had been positive, it no longer had doubts. He knew from his previous experience that an ectopic pregnancy could be positive also, but Sophie had the conviction that this time would not happen. I couldn’t wait at night to which Pete return from work. He called the Office and asked that he came to the House. Pete, scared, he had asked her why. -Themes nothing Pete. Is that I need you by my side, now-Pete I wasn’t accustomed to this type of reaction of Sophie, but liked the tone of voice with which she had spoken.

Asked him to his Secretariat that cancelled all appointments for 2 hours. -I have to go home – he had said, without giving further explanation. – And her will tell all customers-had asked. -Since pondered Pete, – tell them that something unexpected forced me to leave me. Do not give more explanations-. He came home with many expectations. The voice of Sophie sounded happy and quiet calm on the phone so he wasn’t concerned but curious. When he opened the door, he saw her Sophie dressed with a transparent black Nightgown that left uncovered all its beauty of woman, since there were no underwear underneath.