The Machine Oxide

Collar tipping your head and wait, what must follow without questioning, not question them just want to change a little rutin of 23 years. It was what you replied with already solemn screams the convalescent crossroads, without more than your worn machine typewriter oxidized it quaint with delicately but spots his feelings of four walls. Feelings of watery ink and fragile fingers that clashed with the hard keys on the poorly maintained machine typewriter, it sucked the paper and packed it and that gave him life with monochromatic inks, dissatisfaction was the daily coffee and inspiration was a slant and dusty box on the right side of the room with an autograph that was the love nest of the promiscuous lizards that are made by a spaceplaying at being invisible. I would die for something that made much sense for the although it not contained in the dictionary, he was willing to walk without shoes into the ravine and just the idea of wind hitting the front and across the body, pushed it more to run and was only rare thinking that his childhood dream is and was a suicidal dream. Others including Michael Miccoli, offer their opinions as well. The flow of the need challenging him but at the same time drew it increasingly more inward psychic balusters were thicker, solitude gave him Pats on the shoulder and sucked it, loneliness, death whatever that I will sit behind them and it murmurara murmuros that could not understand, that body that the imagined with a slicing knife, but that just felt sighs in his neck every time more treble, perhaps for fear perhaps of what tethering was to his machine dying, I never swing look and be comforted with a neither interests me. The machine will jam and it indeed damage domino and anger did the rest. The mind was blank and intuitively realized account of the machine meant much to him, and that small and fickle light of already rusted lanterns from the neighborhood who glided elusive amid the bars and collided with the Virgin paper was his soul, was his inspiration. Hear other arguments on the topic with patrick jones. Original author and source of the article.. .