The Impressive

Imagine that at a time, all of us were United in a single system, a kind of body composed of countless cells maintained in a continuous and mutual relationship. At one time, in the process of creating the reality, as we know it today, this body fragmented into countless parts. With split we have lost that sense of mutual relationship between us creating within us, among other things, a feeling of emptiness that he has done that since we are looking for substitutes for that sense of fullness that once we experience. In reality, the social systems that we have created, at its root, they seek unconsciously re-establish the lost bond. That old memory that brings us back to our roots the main protagonist, responsible for the separation between different parts of the system, is the ego, which seized the center of the stage and that in recent centuries has been progressively increasing its power.

In our days, the ego is reaching a new record and appears next to the impressive development that is leading us, is digging a deep chasm in our hearts, thoroughly destroying all kinds of warm human relations that we have had. The ego makes us feel that we depend on others to meet our needs, pushes us to abuse them and use them; but when others cease to benefit us, we set them of our life without looking back. In other words, we can not support the fact that we need others, forcing us to remain United against our will. This union we pressed and up to us distressing. Therefore, we seek to different ways to resist and deny us this connection that surrounds us all together and which anyway will have to return, eventually. How to achieve a real and rewarding connection is the second part of this article we will publish soon original author and source of the article.