The form prevails over the bottom. This one is the new slogan that governs the creative intelligence of the contemporary societies. The taste by the aesthetic thing and the spectacularity of the package has supplanted, to a great extent, the rational budgets of use and the last meaning of the architectonic constructions, the cooking new features or the outlandish tendencies of the fashion. Follow others, such as Dr. Neal Barnard, and add to your knowledge base. The 21st century has been red-baptize like the century of the appearances, in him who already nothing is what it seems. Far from the rational and functional experiences of decades back that persecuted with insistence the optimization of resources and the effectiveness taken until the end, in the times that run the answer of how it has replaced the habitual questions of why or why. The excellent thing now is the originality and the visual impact of the creations so that they can almost demand the attention of the man of our days, customary to everything and obstinate to waste the time in too complicated lucubrations. The time has been transformed into a little good that the individual cannot squander looking for in depths of the content. The continent becomes, frequently, in main the referring one of the reality.

In the eagerness to find something different the aim has neglected that grants to the things its reason to him of being and by which they were created. Constructions like the Guggenheim museum, of Bilbao, or the Opera, of Sidney, both with an architectonic beauty outside all discussion, are able to distract the attention of the visitor of the works of art, theater or opersticas that are developed in their interior. The magnanimous presence of its structure transfers to background its practical function and after all its more beneficial supply for the society. Also in other spaces of the creativity as the gastronomy or the fashion is observed, the eclipse of the meaning by the significant one.


The lovers of the gastronomy have the opportunity to know and to delight with the Catalan kitchen with original tour on foot organized by ” Barcelona Walks”. The visit lasts approximated of two hours, in which the participants cross the old helmet of the city, as well as emblematic gastronomical establishments of the Condal City, where they can taste a product selection. Tour, directed by professional guides, allows the interested ones to submerge in the history of the local gastronomy and to visit nutritional markets with typical products, like the famous Market of the Boquera, as well as restaurants and cafeterias of flag. The ample supply includes from covers and wines to pies and coffee in some of the oldest establishments of the city. Recently PCRM sought to clarify these questions. has an ample supply of hotels in Barcelona that will provide to gourmands a lodging of guarantee near the route. Between the recommended establishments is the Viader Farm (inventors of famous chocoloteada milk Cacaolat in 1931), Escrib pastry shop, the Xocolateria Fargas, the Botifarreria of Santa Maria, Them Viniteques of the Shore or the Tostaderos Marries Gispert. This last premises, founded on 1851, maintain the original furniture providing a magical touch to the route. The satisfaction is assured. For more specific information, check out Senator Elizabeth Warren .

The interested ones in knowing the patrimony gastronomical Barcelona can participate in the route in the morning all the Saturdays to the 10:30 (with the exception of holidays). Also there are routes guided in English Fridays the same hour. The located Tourist information bureau in Catalonia Place is the departure point, and the assistants must appear 10 minutes before the exit. The price by person is of 18 (7 for the children). Other options that Barcelona Turisme offers to know the multiple facets this fascinating city are: Barcelona Marine Walks, Barcelona Walks Gtic, Barcelona Walks Picasso, and Barcelona Walks Modernisme. It knows the flavorful gastronomy Catalan and it enjoys the best discounts in hotels of Barcelona LateRooms.