Nervous Mouth

The inclined person still to the material interests, suffers disequilibria. She satisfies it to nothing: She can be owner of enormous richness, but she feels that she is lacking some thing to it. She makes diverse facultieses and she finds that she did not study the sufficient. Clearly that nobody can be satisfied () if still has the Universal knowledge to conquer. This everything proves that all Human being is Active a Perpetual Being and that Its complete Life if in the SKY. Nervous mouth Here it is that I made hard your face against the face of them and lasts yours fronte, against its fronte. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 3:8.

The person eats, she eats, and she is not satisfied, While she is not straightened, In its Axle Spiritual. It is never saciada, Because the kingdom of the fancy, does not bring it the joy, That as much longs for. It was inclined, When nothing was considered; She overturned themselves for inside, and she ran away from the Face of GOD. However, the Power The holy ghost, Can give support, To all its acts. The sustentation that it looks, All Creature, is not in the substance, Where each cell, Has to grow, Even to know who is. It is in the Immortal Spirit, That has to support, Each material cell, In its individual growth. GOD does not create thing to die, But to engrandecer itself, In its Universal Kingdom. To think in another way, Is to consider small GOD, When IT Is, the Supreme Architect, Exaggerating universally, Its Majesty.

Nature One

I believe that the original, perfect human being was endowed with one very superior I, with all the qualities spirituals of the Creative one when it said: ‘ ‘ Let us make the man to our image and semelhana’ ‘ but also it gave the free will, seno we would be only one robot, mechanic, not having the possibility to opt to optimum, thus can take wise decisions in face of some situations. That is conscientiously it would reject for its good nature the incorrect thoughts. In the Bible the desire is displayed the beginning of that each one is proven engodado for its proper desire, then having if become fertile, it produces the error. That is, for more perfect than the person it was that is, it can come it some thoughts and desires defy that it to decide but if to feed such incorrect feelings it finishes practising contrary acts to the good principles. Certain psychologist counted a case of a woman who when she went to cross the street was stopped, immovable. Please visit endocrinologist if you seek more information.

The principle seemed a complex or some another trauma, but it verifying the causes of the causes as it said, obtained to decipher the problem of it: the pride, because it felt itself ugly, fat, very white and did not want to face the opinion or the critical ones of other people. Pure pride! From then on it understood and when it was unmasked the reason deepest obtained to cure that situation. Our ego nails parts, hides our feelings and in them it becomes ‘ ‘ vtimas’ ‘ , we blame the others and somatiza everything this in physical, emotional, traumatic illnesses. She is necessary to be front the front with we ourselves and terms an courage to assume and to decide our orgulhos so that this does not confuse our life and nor of the others. The humildade that does not mean humilhao, can neutralize such impulses of the ego and protects the peace between the human beings, leaving of the beginning of love to next and the respect for the Nature, therefore the Land is a nuclear plant in potential, powerful that unhappyly badly it is used for animalescos domnios, competitions, what it has caused an ecological disequilibrium which had the ambitions of exacerbados egos that do not respect the laws that conduct the Universe and the life, made feras that for the wars, corrupes and greed, they cut with a scythe many lives. God if does not repent to have bred the human being, therefore its workmanship is perfect and gave to conditions and credit so that they lived in harmony, and its infinite love, never doubted us.

In the Holy Writs we can get more instructions to dominate our ego and because the Creator allowed such conditions, and also we can search orientaes professional to manage such feelings self-centered. We can see many examples of the past and in our return that the pride does not compensate. All the human being is equal, and what it has more can teach the other to improve, thus giving its contribution for the social balance. (Claude Abreu Gonalves – Therapeutic Fisio-Molecular).