Neoplastic Surgery

The ex-president of Peru fulfills a sentence of 25 years in Lima by violations of the human rights and corruption. He suffers a precancerous injury in the language. Her Keiko daughter lost five days ago the presidential elections. The new president, Ollanta Humala, have declared his disposition to grant to him I pardon humanitarian if its health is deteriorated seriously. The ex- president of Peru Alberto Fujimori was transferred east Thursday from the police base where he fulfills sentence from jail to a hospital of Lima, after its state of health made worse days in the last, informed his attending physician, congressman Alexander Aguinaga. Its hospitalization takes place four days after her daughter, Keiko Fujimori, lost the presidential elections before the nationalist Ollanta Humala.

According to Aguinaga explained, the transfer of the ex- agent chief executive was realised towards the 17:00 h, local time, and the doctors of the Hospital of Neoplastic not yet had finalized the evaluation of their state of health. The ex- governor, of 72 years and that fulfill a sentence of 25 years of jail by violations of the human rights and corruption, was operated in March last through fourth time of a precancerous injury in the language, well-known like leucoplasia. Fujimori presented/displayed three weeks ago " important sangrado" in the language, but it preferred not to be transferred to be the country in the last weeks of the electoral campaign, in which her Keiko daughter was candidate in the second presidential return. See Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more details and insights. " (Its state of health) one comes deteriorating, it continues losing weight, I proposed to him to hospitalize it but he not quiso" , the doctor explained. Aguinaga could not indicate until when it will have to remain hospitalized the ex- president (1990-2000), something that will depend on the evaluation which they realise the specialists of the medical center. Penitentiary benefits After the defeat of Keiko Fujimori before Ollanta Humala in the second return of the past Sunday, the possible one I pardon by the state of health of the exmandatario has returned to take relevance, since congressman Jose Vargas, of Divided governor Peruvian Aprista (PAP), it indicated to east Wednesday that possibility. The past Sunday, after the victory of Humala, the second elect vice-president, Omar Chehade, indicated that the future government will have to evaluate if Fujimori must continue fulfilling its pain in the police base or must be transferred to a common penitentiary. This opinion has not been shared by the elect president, who has declared his disposition to grant to him to Fujimori I pardon humanitarian if its state of health is deteriorated seriously. Journalistic information denounced in the last weeks that Alberto Fujimori participated actively in the campaign of its daughter from its prison, where it received up to 300 daily visits and where it counts, supposedly, with great penitentiary benefits, like an own garden or a conference hall. Source of the news: Alberto Fujimori leaves the jail to be hospitalized

Celia Villalobos

On the matter, it has argued that the deep substrate of labor uncertainty is not as much the modality of the contract, but the disposition or of professional qualification and is no addition that the new contract contains all the rights of social protection, unemployment or benefit of pensions. " Without waiting for two aos" On the other hand, the Secretary of Labor also is dndido the elimination of the limitation of temporary contract linking during two years and has denied that are a resignation to the stability of the use. Go’mez has remembered who is a legal practice and she has herself it jeopardize to that if the PSOE returns to govern it is countermanded in his term and " if it is possible without waiting for aos&quot both;. Go’mez also has explained the necessity to prorogue by six months the aid of 400 monthly Euros of the plan PREPARES for unemployed that have exhausted the benefit by unemployment, for that equips itself with a budget of 50 million Euros. The PP will countermand a part the deputy of the PP Celia Villalobos has assured, on the other hand, that the PP will countermand before the 2013, if it gains the elections, the temporary contract linking that contemplates the new decree of stimulus to the youthful use of the Government. Villalobos has assured, after Go’mez said that if the PSOE returns to govern it returns to restitute the limitation of the temporary contracts, that will do it to the PP before the term of two years anticipated in the decree. In this sense, the deputy has asserted that her party " always it will be in favor of the fixed hiring and not of temporal" , while it has argued the abstention from its group in the confirmation of these measures to maintain " unit of mercado". The popular deputy is addition that supports some of the measures that the decree contemplates, like the new contract of formation and learning for young people of up to 30 years or the prorogation of the 400 Euros to unemployed who have exhausted their benefit, although has criticized the rest of measures not to foment the stability of the use.