Management Technology

To every adversity there will always be a slit through which looms a hopeful world. INTRODUCTION into the current reality in dynamic, competitive economic scenarios, where technology is decisive for the achievement of many companies which present their products and guaranteed services of good governance cannot can ignore what represents the role of management, since any organization requires, to achieve success, make the right decisions multiple activities, directing groups of people in different departmentsevaluate performance based on the previously established objectives, assign and correct different resources, etc. It could be said then that the Manager must assume as an agent of change and transformation, leading to organizations by new directions, new processes, new objectives, new strategies, new technologies, and even new risks; an educator agent who, with his leadership and guidance, modify behaviors and attitudes of the Human Capital, a cultural agent who, with his style of managing, reform and disseminates organizational culture, using techniques of management development targeted to increase the leadership ability and highlight the institutional values. All this requires that management this fully identified with what the technology management represents, as able to manage, leverage its reach and impact that they favor him in their performance and step that the company under their charge to reach a favourable position towards established goals. Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario does not necessarily agree. In this opportunity we are entering the importance of being well identified with what the technology management demands.

CONSIDERATIONS, scope, impact is not surprising that when speaking of technology is usually thinking about chemical formulas, drawings of engineering or, especially in machinery and equipment, i.e., in the so-called hard technologies. But often he overlooked something very important, the so-called soft technologies. These have to do with the way the production process (the way how are distributed is organized tasks, as defined the qualifications required by the staff, as it is exercised and the authority, is understood as it accumulates and distributes information) and have acquired such significance that industrial success cannot be detached of its implementation and refinement. Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario: the source for more info.


As soon as you finish reading the greatest salesman in the world, they are already selling the greatest miracle of the world. When Ud already read who has eaten is my cheese? get someone who tells me I’ve eaten your cheese. We have the miracle of 7 seeds, the 7 spiritual laws of success and the monk who sold his Ferrari and then the 8 keys to the leadership of the monk who sold his Ferrari. Oh, and let us not forget lessons about the life of the monk who sold his Ferrari. Itself, self-help books do not serve much good because you always have to look for other new self-help books that will enable us to continue with the idea that we can be better overnight overnight.

But if he stops for a moment, you will notice that already washed the brain and think twice before running out to buy one book, the next in the series, the last revelation, the last secret, the last miracle, the last seed, hot chocolate, cheese, cow, monk or fish; or whatever the motivational author. I prefer to go by a different path, tell people about the truths of harm from television, radio, cinema, newspapers, music, education and health. I’d rather have the firm conviction of not trying to sell you anything, I just want to show you another way, give you other options, but: If you want to die, die! I just want to be an instrument in God’s hands. Sometimes I feel as if my voice was only an indiscreet whisper amid the noise from a disco, but then I understand that he who has ears to hear will hear. Always ask God to make me an instrument of your power and to put your words in my mouth. Hence I just become a motivational speaker with values.

I know very well that there are no magic recipes. You have to spend time, effort and work to make your dreams a reality. You have to avoid pollute you with trash media. You have to flee from the motivational speakers. You have to love God above all things. For what you want to be the largest in the world?, to what you want to be a millionaire? Is it not better to be simply a human being happy, made, filled with love to others and fully enjoy life?