Cooking Granola

Today begins a series of posts about useful and most importantly delicious food. I will begin – with an amazing breakfast and granola (a mixture of nuts, seeds, cereals and dried fruits). Fans will appreciate her muesli appreciated. Americans, as a large Granola fans, and spent a lot of research and proved that it actually improves the functioning of the heart and skin condition. Just what we need from you. Options to purchase granola do not recommend – it is basically American, and they are out – for his passion for chemistry and various surrogates have turned her in, to put it mildly, is not useful. These recipes are present sugar, syrup, chocolate chips, juice concentrates, powdered milk and oatmeal quick preparation. I hope to convince you to prepare yourself granola and here are a couple of recipes: Recipe number 1 Hercules – 100 g sunflower seeds – 50 g pumpkin seeds – sesame seeds 50 g – 50 g pumpkin seeds – 50 g hazelnuts – chopped almonds 50 g – 20 g sunflower oil – 50 Mr.

Honey – 50 g seedless raisins – 50 g dried apricots – 50 g Mix honey and butter and heat the honey until dissolved, then connect with the oat mixture and stir. Pour honey mixture into the pan, oiled. Bake 50 minutes at 140 C to Education golden brown, stirring occasionally. Add raisins and dried apricots have a ready-mix. Recipe number 2 = 100 g rolled oats, oat groats – 100 sunflower seeds = 50 g pumpkin seeds – 50 g chopped almonds – 20 g walnuts and pine nuts = 50 Mr.

Honey – 50 g seedless raisins – 50 g sunflower oil – 50 grams of oatmeal recipe number 3 – 100 g sunflower seeds – pumpkin seeds 50 grams – 50 grams of hazelnuts – 50 grams of dry ginger – 10 g cinnamon (or vanilla, like more ) – 2 teaspoons honey – 50 g sunflower oil – 50 g of figs – 50 g Ready granola should be dry and toasty. Dried fruits and vegetables are best added in a ready-mix, or about five minutes before cooking. Granola, you can: – Upload and milk or yogurt in a form to use for breakfast – Bring a snack or lunch on – this is the best alternative to sandwiches and all sorts of filth office – to eat a dessert with ice cream. But, by the way, the popular American recipe for granola: rolled oats – 100 g brown sugar – 50 g concentrate apple (orange) juice – 70 g honey, 30 g milk powder – 50 g cinnamon – 2 teaspoons of sunflower seeds – sesame seeds 50 g – 50 g grated coconut – 50 grams of chocolate chips – 50g Mix juice, powdered milk, honey and sugar and a little warm, so all melted. Mix well all the remaining ingredients and pour over sugar mixture. Bake 50 minutes at 140 C until golden brown, stirring occasionally. As you can see variations on the granola may limited only by your imagination and budget. If they can, you can besides oatmeal, barley and rye used flakes (not quick cooking), sprouted wheat. Go to the nuts can be added peanuts, cashews, pecans, macadamia nuts. For dried fruits – prunes, dried cherries or cranberries, as well as pineapple, pear, melon, figs, bananas. And do not forget the berries. Experiment on the health and enjoy your meal! And in my Blog Agidel still a lot of interesting stuff!