Inside, there is an api for tying together all languages, so you can simply write what you know best, and then tie it all together. It's nice that the developers did not modify the underlying distributions of languages – such as php can be updated simply by copying the sdk files from the official distribution. The second component Titatium'a is a special application to build the project, created, of course, on its platform. With it, you can create a profile of the application, set its basic parameters, and then one click Start and verify that happened. On your computer, the code will be packed into a binary executable is linked with the runtime-platform and executed. If all is well and working properly, safely jump to the last phase of development. Appcelerator uses its own cloud platform to compile and build applications for different platforms, so your computer you can collect only a test version of an application to test it. Themselves executable files for different platforms will be collected at the facilities of the company, and you will be given only a beautiful page with links to all available options.

A small disclaimer: will be given only if not buggy build system, which somehow often breaks off me with the compilation. At this stage, you simply choose the target platform, as well as the installation option that will be used. If you do not bother about the size of the application, then you can link together runtime and libraries Titanium'a together with the application itself (such a package called bundled).