Process Management

The new freedom for your process management. Professional all-in-one solution for managing business processes for flexible and automated work. Koblenz, the 24.09.2013 the young Koblenz-based software development company 24Systems offers with its main product of the WorkSuite12 “a new freedom of process management for all industries. The WorkSuite12 is a Web-based solution for the management of business processes and creates innovative opportunities in terms of flexibility and cost-efficiency in the control and management of your workflows. Regardless the software of the size of a company, the industry or the experience in dealing with process control adapts to the needs and wishes of the users. Secure Cloudlosung access can be mobile, as well as on the desktop via the Internet browser and is thus location – and hardware-independent.

The system, by, for example, the file upload with drag & drop, can be the users to enjoy the convenience of a desktop application. The transparent structure of the WorkSuite12 allows the user an almost complete customization of the system whereby the content content of order information, can be individually determined E-Mails or PDFs. The software adapts to the customer and not vice versa. Order related information can be between the process partners through automated E-mail or send SMS messages at predefined points in the process. Learn more at this site: Senator Elizabeth Warren. Identical performance up to 120,000 current orders can be edited or archived two billion contracts (without loss of data). Thus, the WorkSuite12 can significantly facilitate everyday work for you and your team. The WorkSuite12 has been successfully used for launch 2012 at several large companies and increases productivity in the company every day. In the coming weeks is the WorkSuite12 even as a light version”(WorkSuite12 LE) will be available for small – and medium-sized enterprises. Contact person: Christian Jungbluth (project leader) 0261 / 45099492

The Service

This pragmatic approach must be on the personal ambition of service staff to efficiently reach a solution of the problem. 4. systematically experience scoop: a substantially filled and continuously maintained knowledge base with a comfortable handling for the employees in the IT service is necessary. In it, the diverse experiences must be to find on a customers to respond quickly, without problem solutions every time reinventing the wheel. Regular meetings of technicians who have current experience from customer contacts on the subject, promote common learning in dealing with people and technology.

5. for users to establish a knowledge base for own troubleshooting: A large part of the problems being reviewed constantly, and their causes are comparatively easily recognizable. This task can be transferred entirely to users, by an easily understandable and concise checklist with FAQs for determining common problems will be established. Just the growing digital native generation is becoming more and more capable of taking over a part of the first level support, especially if this is an interactive platform itself to self help. 6 people-free communication does not exaggerate: self help and self service have their permission for simple, clearly defined cases and help relieve the service desk.

Must be found but a balance between digital, automated communication and personal conversation between the customer and service desk staff. The user must always choose whether he prefers calls or would like to use a portal solution. 7 in understandable language: the caller well versed in their work environment and use IT to support the own tasks. At errors, users usually not technical terms are interested in, but on the solution of their cause. A good support staff is therefore the voice of the customer and used, where appropriate, its terms. She stands Clarity about the need of the employee, to shine with expertise. 8 together to narrow the problem: know, time is money, both for the users and the service desk staff.

EAnalytics – The New Integrated Open Source Solution For Web Analytics

With the open source product eAnalytics can any professional Web Analytics use – without high licensing costs. eAnalytics the open source solution for Web Analytics offers the opportunity to operate without having to invest money in license costs Web Analytics professional all Web pages and online shop operators. Instead Know-How should be invested in Web Analytics so with Web analysis tools not only reports but is also analyzed and the website or the online shop can be optimized on the basis of the analyses. There are countless online shops and customers need to locate the shop right to from a wide range. For this reason, it is increasingly important to know their customers and to attract website visitors specifically for the online shop provider. You no longer get around Web Analytics in this topic.

Take advantage of the insights from Web Analytics and the website match the customer needs, not only online shop Baker Reiber on the flag should sign, but all Web site owners. Can eAnalytics not only support but also the basis for Provide Web page improvements. For example captures eAnalytics the preferred category of visitors. This information is stored in a MySQL database and can be used directly for a personalized advertisement on one’s own side, so that products from his preferred category are displayed to the customer. eAnalytics is specifically aimed at those who want to integrate Web usage data into existing systems and optimize the Web site according to the data (for example: integration in content management system and campaign systems) and just shows external and offline data (such as for example returns) to add to eAnalytics, to use these data for Web Analytics. Because all eAnalytics in-house is stored, the sensitive data is safe and at the same time the privacy of website visitors requirements by the in house solution. At eAnalytics development are incorporated in the area of Web Analytics 20 years of experience in the field of BI and data warehousing as well as 10 years of experience and also the Strongly influence development.

Punkt Project

This uses iPunkt Project histories ‘. During a phone call with a subcontractor or the building owners on a piece of paper to make a note of the tags, instead of the information can be historicized directly. With simple filtering also processes according to the selected criterion are easy to understand, that are already some time ago. For example, if a possible dispute with regard to a defect the original facts can be so very quickly represent plausible. This approach saves time and hence money. Integrated total solution brings that extra-plus’ the iPunkt histories can pair with your Microsoft Outlook calendar. That ensures among other things that e-Mails that relate to projects, – stored in the respective project and not in the personal mailbox of the construction manager.

From Outlook, also accessed reminder is intended in the daily work. This simplifies and speeds up the time tracking… And the building of financials modules causes even the full integration: directly from the project in iPunkt, the user obtained a quick overview of actual costs. Incorporating sales components in iPunkt is a further advantage. Commercial project details with gathered, you allow the users of forecasts. All projects can be capture in early stages of acquisition and provided with numbers. That certainly are still estimates the potential phase, then be clarified further in the course of the project cycle.

But already, the preliminary calculation allows an overview of future orders and revenue input. These data support an effective budgeting. Conclusion: Each stakeholder has with iPunkt quick and easy knowledge and the necessary documents for his ‘ projects of the enterprise at different stages of processing. Through the multi user capability of the overall solution, several project employees can also record in the project and read. The modular design of an integrated enterprise computing allows virtually any desired use and individual evaluations. For every business organization is a Tailor-made suit ‘ possible. That calls for advice, the Nemetschek experts their customers and prospective customers like to make.

FTP Project

Successful AIDS to the time recording city Bergen, September 30, 2008 – at the Xpert-timer it is a database-based application, which captures the time which spends an employee on different projects. It can be differed between billable and non-billable projects (E.g. internal applications). The registration is done on a maximum of three levels: customer, main project, and appropriate subprojects, with the number of projects is not limited. Then still own tasks can be recorded to the projects. The specificity of the tools is the manufacturer Xpert-design software in the timeline of the Xpert-timer.

These floats on the desktop, and conveniently displays the time currently spent by a project. The stopwatch is running automatically, so that the times no longer to enter by hand. Switching between the individual projects can be controlled either via the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Neal Barnard offers on the topic.. Also, Dr. Andreas Lutz von opts for the Xpert-timer: already after a few days use I time thieves could see and my time more effective plan. “, so be Comment on the software. In addition, the hourly wage for each employee can be stated so that shows how many costs are incurred after the completion of the project exactly. The evaluation module can displays this data, the single time stamps up to an annual survey.

Many more filters available, to display the data as needed. The information can be then sent via FTP or E-Mail, printed as .pdf or in paper format, or exported for further processing via the interfaces. Employees that are not always connected to the corporate network, have the opportunity in the Xpert-timer to stop the project times offline, or to enter. As soon as the connection to the central database again, you can synchronize the recorded times to the database. The program is available at as a fully functional trial version to download. This is limited to 30 days. The data that were recorded during the test phase, is not lost on the acquisition of the license. A 5-user License offers Xpert-design software for 330.-euro plus VAT. A very good price / performance ratio. Daniela Julia Xpert-design software