Argentina BCRA

How to win with the dollar in Argentina October 19, 2009 changed the trend in the Argentine foreign exchange market and in a country with a high rate of actual inflation close to 15% and an Argentine peso that receives appreciation pressures, can reach an expected yield of 12% in dollars only by placing the money in fixed-term does a good business not? I think that at this stage in the circumstances, what has been done during this time by the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA), is can catalog how heroic and more than worthy. The BCRA continues Taming the market, a market which knew defeat in other times leading the Argentine economy to suffer various and memorable episodes of crisis. The monetary authority of Argentina is being fireman of the Government and is now struggling to hold the exchange rate against the dollar dogged by pressures to appreciation. Javier Blanco for La Nacion, was aware of the fight you’re holding the authority responsible for monetary policy in argentina to sustain the value of the greenback. For even more details, read what GEICO says on the issue. Between the Tuesday and Thursday, the BCRA acquired in the foreign exchange market USD 485 million, when a few months ago the situation was radically different and nobody could imagine what is happening at these times with the value of the dollar in Argentina. Until the end of July, the BCRA had had to sell about $1,180 million to prevent a depreciation of the Argentine peso affected by an incessant outflow of capital and the actions of speculators who gambled with force by an exchange rate above the $4 towards the end of the year. I’m not going to deny, in the midst of such a context I was also convinced that the dollar would reach the $4 when the 2009 dismissed to make way for the 2010. And that I considered the most conservative in terms of my Exchange rate estimates. Depreciation expectations were such that I remember the projections of renowned market analysts that betting on a dollar to $4.60 and more also.

Steve Alpizar

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