Emergency Caesarean Section

One night I finished my task, at about 9 in the evening, in the Center ultrasound Natalia del Pilar and when you already closed the door, rang the Fono, I replied and was a colleague friend Dante Miguel, Miguel – spoke emotionally – I have a very urgent caesarean! already – I told him – take it to the clinic right now am going!, I don’t – he told me – here in the future have a clinic! Ah so good. As I’ve not said!, gives me the direction to the touch – apremie – it gave me, I took a taxi and I went, upon arrival I found Arthur anesthesiologist and pediatrician at the door of that address Hello! que tal, we will there is an emergent c-section – I told them – where is the clinic? this is – I was told – by pointing out the House – is a House!, but Dante says that it is clinic came out Dante sweating because little was missing to weep!He had been seeing and was complicated we threw the family above, was all pleas and entreaties but and risks, infection? which problem! the patient was before an early uterine rupture hesitated and then looking at the family, rose my prayer that always wore in that corner of the soul and I told them go the operate! thanks and many thanks! – said family members – the operating room was a room very small, just we could mobilize ourselves, the window gave to a corral, where chickens were even seenwas dirty window, defecation walls, Dante would be Assistant, Me persigne and I started, they were 35 and 9 pm, 25 minutes after the operation was finished, Dante finally speed with altitude sickness apology rather – I told him – in these cases should be in 15 minutes a cesarean section, that less time is open the abdomen best! take us all, there were 10 and 20 at night!, we took taxi between everyone out there the area was brava.. .