“Karlsruhe inaugurated Mayor, Harald denecken, photo exhibition of HIV infected children to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world Aidstages last Thursday night at the Renaissance the photo exhibition only the kids of Hotel at place of Mendelssohn know what they’re looking for”. The images are of HIV infected children from the children’s village of our little brothers and sisters”in Honduras. They show in an impressive way, as the children and young people experience their environment, how the camera will its mouthpiece. De tease, who has taken over the patronage for the exhibition, was impressed. The images touch us and tell us stories”, so the Mayor. The actress Lara joy grains had specifically traveled from Munich in the fan-shaped city, to be at the opening here. The mother of three the Club supports our little brothers and sisters”and is godmother of a 6 year old boy from the children’s village in Honduras.

The exhibition, already in the national art gallery in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, was to see, can be seen until January 3, 2009, in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel. An HIV infection or AIDS disease is a taboo subject in local widths ridges still often and those affected are on their own largely. In Honduras, one of the poorest countries of Central America, in which live about 85 per cent of the population below the poverty line, the persons concerned of particular discrimination are exposed. About two percent of the population are suffering from HIV. According to Jorge Fernandez, HIV representative of Honduras, the country is about 700 percent higher than the EU average compared to its population, HIV-related diseases. Often, children are already infected at birth, because rarely medicines to prevent the transmission of the HI virus are administered to pregnant women, for cost reasons. “In the children’s village Rancho Santa Fe” of the non-profit association our little brothers and sisters. “currently more than 550 children and young people live.

22 of them are HIV positive. The initiator of the exhibition, Michal Krebs, provided by January 2007 until February 2008 his civilian service at the Honduran village of children. The Austrians the photo group for HIV infected children organized in collaboration with the psychological and educational centre of the institution. One of the main objectives of the project was to the children through the medium of photography to create a mouthpiece. In an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie, they should learn to talk about their lives, their fears and their disease. His positive assessment of the experiences we learned how to use the photos as a way to communicate our thoughts and feelings about life”, draws one of the youths. The photos show an image of the world of children and young people: a world of love, of compassion, of curiosity, of successes and also the difficulties. Our little brothers and sisters”operates with very family-oriented structures in which Christian values play an extremely important role. This education is very important for a positive development of the child”, explained Lara joy Korner you “Commitment to the Verein.Die international organization our little brothers and sisters” can look back on a more than 50-year history. The German Foundation was founded in 1984 and given the seal of the German Central Institute for years fur soziale Fragen (DZI), in recognition of his outstanding work and the proper handling of donations.