Surgical Stainless Steel

Some of cheap jewelry even have the lead. Put simply, the use of questionable products for piercing – it's not the most competent idea. 2 Pure silver. Pure silver (in the English version is often used as sterling silver) is composed of silver at 92, 5%. Other elements, which of course contained in the silver can cause pain. For assistance, try visiting Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Silver oxidizes when in contact with air and the components of the human body. And yet, always need to remember that silver metal is soft and tiny scratches and cracks that may even be invisible to the eye, are a place where they can reproduce and are harmful bacteria. Worn under clothing ornaments made of pure Silver recommended for use in a well-healed punctures and a short time. The use of silver coated jewelry just to be absolutely excluded. 3 Gold. As well as silver and gold soft metal, and for these reasons can also lead to the fact that in some parts of the jewelry made of gold will rapidly proliferate bacteria. There is a perception that gold is the highest standard is the most safe, because has almost no nickel, but on the other hand, it is much softer, which significantly increases the likelihood of bacterial growth. Jewelry made of solid gold are recommended for use only in the healing of punctures and only for people who wear piercings of this metal does not cause adverse reactions. We do not recommend the use of the product only gold-plated. 4 Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS in English abbrivature).

Sodium Hyaluronate

This is a magical protecting oil with a high level of adsorption, it has been used successfully to treat scratches, sun burns, minor wounds and skin irritations. The result is skin becomes elastic, and shiny. Recommendations for use Apply a small amount of cream on clean face and neck trim in a circular motion, excluding the eye area. The cream is easily absorbed, helping to immediately begin applying makeup. Regenerating night Properties cream soothes and softens the skin immediately after application. It nourishes and restores, helps prevent skin aging. Relieves stress, which exposed skin during the day. After exposure to a night cream the skin is completely restored and ready for another day.

Superpitatelny night cream with the effect of prolonged wetting. The cream has a higher nutritional value due to the inclusion in it – vegetable squalene, and and vegetable oils (grape seed oil, almond oil, apricot oil, aloe oil karite). As a result of their exposure to the skin occurs, and power restoration of skin tissue. Detoxifying effect have components such as tocopherol, green tea extract and wheat germ. Aloe galaktoarabinan, Sodium Hyaluronate provides the moisturizing effect of increased duration. Recycling and recovery skin occur due to the effect of aloe, grape seed oil, butter karite, oils of apricot, marine collagen. (Not to be confused with endocrinologist!). Nowhere reputation as shea butter and protective emollient is not valued as highly as in the skin care products. In 1940, many scientific observations have confirmed that people who use shea butter, almost did not suffer from skin diseases, but their skin is remarkably smooth and elastic.

Applying Makeup

Make-up – this is an important item of beauty to any representative of the female sex. A lot of walking joke among the men who talk about how 'fast' women or girls are going on a date. Is it important for us women? Makeup is very important. When used properly, makeup can hide some flaws on the face, whether it's the wrong time jumped pimple or time. There are several stages of the application of cosmetics: 1. Cleansing the face. The person must must be cleaned before applying makeup.

Our skin breathes. and the remnants of makeup on the skin interfere with normal breathing and having pores. 2. Application of a nutrient base – cream. The cream should be selected according to the type kozhi.Eto very important. 3. Correcting skin veiled unwanted places (pimples, pores). For this purpose you have in your purse should be the 'magic pencil' that will rescue you in the right time.

4. A person is ready. Now we can apply tonal basis. Remember that the 'beautiful' Makeup – pledge your irresistibility under any circumstances. He highlights the unique beauty of your face without being seen. The color of your face – one of the important points when creating make-up. So now the choice of means of tonal framework. 1. Carefully inspect your face in broad daylight 2. Carefully check the parts for a person who should be a little lighter, and those who need hide cosmetics (inner part of the eye cavity of the chin, signs of fatigue, nasolabial folds, red) to mark the make-up now for your eyes. Remember the simple rules: 1. Create a mysterious and radiant look, which will emphasize eyebrow line and try to pick up a form of eye makeup. 2. For each type of eye makeup technique is different, so carefully examine the shape of your eyes. In general, the smaller shows the upper eyelid, the more light colors should be applied. This is to look seemed more open. At the end of the work, do not forget to mix colors, shade of a brush.

Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent make-up service is actively developing in Russia in the past tense. Very probably this is a big mountain, Moscow is no exception. The current situation could not cause an increase desire for professionals quality level of vehicles, which carried out the procedure and in the first place to the needles for tattooing. Even the most skilled and talented team can not provide reliable operation, when it will apply not good needle. While all states use them to manufacture stainless steel alloy with nickel, with the addition of platinum, the level of quality differs significantly. Since the late 90s at the interregional market for tattoo needles there were large new developments, they have high requirements for sterility and stability of quality, both in one, and in a variety of roles.

This was due firstly by the fact that the EU was approved several laws that strengthen control in health care fields that are associated with the processing of the patient's skin and bleeding. As a result, German firms have to market disposable disposable hygienic needle cartridges. They are the greatest extent to meet European quality standards in the field of infertility. Disposable needles are sterile packaged brand completely. To ensure tight packed (ISO Class 8) and cartridges.

Every cartridge has a unique serial number so that any change is impossible. Real improvement in the quality of surgical instruments for permanent make-up could not very soon said the Russian market. Needles German companies have been intensively suppliers to push their Asian "rivals" that in the 90 years occupied a large part of it, despite the fact that, as before, and now they are expensive.