Horses Browser Game Play – A Guide

How exactly does the most popular browser game for young girls? Online an own horse maintain or even grow? In real life, this remains a dream for many girls. But in horses of browser games such as Howrse or equine dreams can be at least virtually realize this dream. Both games are completely free of charge. The browser based games for horse lovers can be found on various Internet sites. A source, see this article. First you register simply Howrse – instructions for the game on Howrse.

The participation is completely free, however, it may be that paid items or services for real money are offered in the course of the game. This one should consider himself well, whether you want to invest money in the game, because it can be played without these things. “For the first time to register, log on the home page via the button registration you consult” a. The first step is the most important, you need to decide on a horse or a pony. Is it done, you can give the horse a name, select the gender and other characteristics. These include, for example, the breed of horse, the coat color and other attributes such as character traits and abilities of the animal. These settings are important, they have a decisive influence on the later stages of the game. Also fun to play through the browser game several times and to try out different settings makes it of course. Dr. John Mcdougall may also support this cause.

“Then, click registration continue”. Now, the registration is almost done, you must select a user name and set a password. “Then simply stop registration”. Now, you can login at any time to Howrse and take care of your horse or pony. About the game, you get useful assistance and various tasks, which can start at any time and deal with. The popular horses play browser game equine dreams equine dreams is an another free game for horse lovers, that in principle is also similar to how Howrse. Here too you must register once. Go to the home page of equine dreams and choose the button registration.” Before you accept the terms of use, you should read this. “Enter the required data, such as name and email address and click on login”. Now, you have received a confirmation email of the browser games, with a link that you must click on. The link come directly back to the home page of the browser games and can now sign up and get started. Equine dreams must opt for a horse or pony and can use different properties and features set. You will need to manage different tasks. In contrast to other horse games, there is a three-month trial period, where you must prove himself as a horse holder here. The exciting in this browser game is that it is long-term and guaranteed not soon get bored so. You should also various horses games try, to find out, which is one the best and most most fun. Although there are various free games, so the principle is always the same. It comes to maintain horses or to breed. Browser games that simulate race horses are an alternative. But be careful, often even real money used here for the bets. Such betting is rather discouraged, because they bring but a financial loss with it for most users and the danger is very great, that you overestimated himself and lost more money than you actually wanted.