Mysteries Of The Male Soul

Masculine world of experiences and feelings has its exceptional and unique features. They are due to many reasons, including and especially the male psychology. I would like to offer you this story, in the hope that it will help you unravel the mysteries of the male part of the soul and thus achieve success in your relationships. All, of course, can not write and not write, but still From the earliest years for boys are presented very different requirements than to girls. The boys have (not like that word, but, nevertheless, this is how raising children require adult, "You should " Nobody and nothing anyone does not have to, you just have to respect the other person the identity, the right to choice but it's a topic for another article) to hide all signs of weakness and helplessness. For their tears punish contempt, but praised for its tenacity, endurance, determination, and sometimes directly promoted their open expression frustration and aggression. A man reported to be strong, confident, all-knowing.

This rule is for everyone. In the distant past, of those qualities of character embodied in the battle for survival, largely dependent on life not only of the men, but his family members. Today, as a result of the progress of civilization and social – moral change the image of Superman was somewhat anarchic. Despite this, he – still doing his job, markedly slowing emotional development of men and restricting his ability to express their emotions. Often under the guise of indifference, the image of "biscuit", hides a loving heart, sensitive and vulnerable nature, tender and soft, for which the "cattle tenderness, not just "male problem".


Those who believe that the fireplace is just a means for heating – are profoundly mistaken. Authors fireplace is a unique thing that you might come to help in cases where you are looking for communication, or vice versa – privacy. This fireplace is capable both of you company, cheerfully humming flames. And if you want to be alone – it will silently flickering tongues of fire to protect your peace and solitude. Copyright fireplaces on the right are works of art, in the case when the master shall make all efforts to create a masterpiece – a fire begins to live his own life, with an individual appearance acquiring its own character. Fireplace can keep you company in the evening when the yard howling wind in the trees and drifting snow licking the ground.

In this case, you can relax in the comfort of the hearth, the furnace is crackling logs generate the dancing flames that will please both your eyes and body, allowing to feel the warmth and bliss, spreads on telu.A perhaps you're a fan of romance? Then you will be able to appreciate the benefits that are rich in Copyright fireplaces. Evening on warm clothing made of fur, with a glass in hand in the company of a loved one, when your body catches flashes of light – is unlikely to be erased from memory soon, and the phrase "romantic dinner in a restaurant" seem commonplace and nabivshim oskominu.individualny kaminPersonalny kaminKonechno, author fireplaces – not a cheap, but if you get not just a thing. You get a companion who always find time for you and warmer with its warmth. Moreover – a fireplace, being executed master of his art – can be for your family familial, and pass on an inheritance to your children, giving them your strength and help in the right moment, even when you're not around. In the past many people had a noble race and agree that if your family has a family coat of arms, then using it in design copyright fireplace, you will be able to preserve the memory of himself and his ancestral line. Your children and grandchildren can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, which was built thanks to you.

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Facts: – financial difficulties in the family as the main cause of divorce named by 31% of women and 35% of men. – According to surveys, over 70% of fights in Russian families occur on the basis of money. – Over the past 17 years the role of economics in divorces raised repeatedly. So, in 1990 the lack of proper housing destroyed unit of society in 21% of cases, and in 2007 – already 41%. Inability to feed his family as a reason for divorce in 1990, called 8%, and in 2007 – 29%.

Thus, in the amount of economic reasons in the Soviet era were forced to divorce in 29% of cases, losing to alcoholism (33%). Now the situation is different: the economy for a total of 70%, and alcohol – 51%. (Source: New news) So, the evidence shows that monetary relationship can destroy friendship and love. Indeed, many families are experiencing stress and conflict, when financial problems arise: and when the money is too little, and when money is too much. “The rich also cry.” And this confirms the idea that the case did not in the money but in human relations. How to avoid the collapse of relations on the basis of finance? Here are some helpful tips: 1. Budget planning in the family should be on equal rights, regardless of who earns how much. Moreover, the discussion between the partners has to occur before the moment when you decided to start living together. This will allow you avoid many surprises and conflicts at the beginning of your life together.