Daleth Gonzalez Energy

We all have different energy centers, which are called chakras, energy zones of our essence. Through them we take energy and, although generally considered that as much is received by the Crown, not always so. It depends on how is our body, because it is changing. At NYDIG you will find additional information. Says, if yesterday we received energy out there, today maybe receive it by the heart or the so-called root chakra, different centers are and depending on how our bodies, our hearts and our emotions from you is how we are going to receive it. But by any party which receives immediately travels to our sphere of power that is concentrated in that part and begins working to distribute it throughout the body. On the other hand indicates Daleth Gonzalez, that we consider, we are beings spiritual, and hence, we must also cultivate that inner part, balancing our energies internal and Cosmic, since live not by bread alone being human, if not of happiness that makes us love and love people who interact in our midst. There is no forget, that love is the only thing that grows at the repartirlComo part of this universe, we are energetic and divine sparks and we use our physical body to transform the cosmic energy into life energy, which is the battery of our existence in this plane taken into account also, the opinion of Jorge Blaschke, that to reach 21st century mankind is getting the same momentous questions, like who are we?, where are we heading? or is there a single reality? Throughout history knowledge has been expanded and, finally, seems to indicate a new path that abridges centuries of theories and beliefs. Man and his connection with the universe, the fluctuations of particles and energy in our body and the power of our thoughts in our life are some of the assumptions that have passed from being mere intuitions to phenomena studied by science.

The Greek Gastronomy

In Greek restaurants food is produced in a simple and attractive way, and is created with raw materials of a very high quality; one of the main ingredient is olive oil. The meat to the grill are also very popular. The most requested dishes such as dolmades (stew with vine leaves), moussaka (Eggplant with lamb, cinnamon, red wine and olive oil) kebabs and avgolemono (chicken with rice, eggs and lemon juice) found anywhere. The Taramasalata (it is a sauce made from fish, bread, eggs oil Virgin olive, chives and lemon juice) and a lot of variety of dishes based on seafood, among which (kalamary) squid or octopi, are delicious. Greek menus always include a selection of meze (or inputs), such as keftedes (spicy meat balls) or tzatziki (that it is a sauce made of yogurt, oil of olive, garlic, cucumber and Dill).

The salads are fantastic and in general take feta cheese, which is a cheese from milk of sheep, cucumbers, olives and tomatoes. Another typical dish is the kolokithakia (small Zucchini with olive oil and garlic). Greek olives are delicious. The desserts are better known baklavas (a puff pastry with honey, vanilla, and almond paste) or the loukoumades (puff pastry buns made from honey). Most of the restaurants have menus that include the price of each dish. There are also many international food restaurants in Greece.