Perhentian Islands

Is the only adjective to describe the Perhentian Islands: Paradise! It’s two beautiful islands off the northeast coast of Malaysia and Malay are called Pulau Perhentian, which means Islands where stop. Each of the two islands is called simply Besar and Kecil, i.e. Big Island and little island. The Perhentian are just 40 km from the border with Thailand and a favorite destination of many Malays, who here spend many weekends and vacations in family. The Perhentian are exactly what one can imagine thinking on a tropical island: crystal clear water, fine white sand and tropical jungle. In fact, there is nothing more in the Islands, but who needs something more like paradise?? The Islands offer everything the tourist may need, from simple and bargain accommodations for backpackers (who often prefer Perhentian Kecil, the small island), to resorts with all comforts, air conditioning, private bathroom, restaurant and WI-FI Internet access (easier for) find in Perhentian Besar, the big island).The activities offered the Perhentian are many: from walks through the jungle, snorkeling trips, diving, boating, kayaking, fishing, etc. The Perhentian Islands are reached by boat from Kuala Besur, a small coastal town, which can be reached by taxi from Kota Bahru (the nearest airport) in little more than 40 minutes. Once on the island, just enjoy their charms: eat delicious food from its restaurants, savour the famous lasis, a drink yogurt and fruit, very refreshing, discover corals and countless marine species on the coast, relax lying under the shade of a Palm tree, know one of the native inhabitants of the Islands, the dragon lizards, a few giant lizards that quiet walk through the beach and jungle and which are very easy to see, although they tend to escape as soon as they see a human, and eventually marvel in front of their overwhelming bets on sol..